Davison (surname)

Davison (surname)
Family name
Pronunciation \d(a)-vi-son\
Meaning "son of Davie (beloved one)" (patronymic)
Region of origin Scotland, England, Ulster
Language(s) of origin Hebrew
Related names Davidson, Davis, McDaid, Davson, Davisson, Davids
Clan affiliations Clan Davidson
Footnotes: Frequency Comparisons[1]

Davison is a patronymic surname, a contraction of Davidson, meaning "son of Davie (the pet form of David)". There are alternate spellings, including those common in the British Isles and Scandinavia: Davisson, Daveson, Davidsson, and Davidsen. It is also common as a French, Portuguese, Czech, and Jewish surname. While the given name comes from the Hebrew "David", meaning beloved, Davison is rarely used as a masculine given name or nickname.

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  • Davis (disambiguation)
  • Davison (disambiguation)
  • Davidsen (disambiguation)

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