Thorn has several meanings:

* Thorn, a sharp structure on plants
* Thorn tree
* Common hawthorn, "Crataegus monogyna"
* Thorn (letter) (Þ, þ), a letter in the Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic alphabets
* Thorn (rune) (runic|ᚦ), the name of the "th"-rune in the Anglo-Saxon rune poem


* Thorn, Netherlands
* Toruń, Poland (known as Thorn in German and sometimes also in English )

United Kingdom

* Thorn, Bedfordshire
* Thorn, Devon
* Thorn, Herefordshire
* Thorn, Powys


* Thorn, San Bernardino County, California
* Thorn, Chickasaw County, Mississippi
* Thorn, Salt Lake County, Utah

Persons, Characters

* Andy Thorn
* Brad Thorn, Australian/New Zealand rugby league and rugby union footballer
* Damien Thorn
* Erin Thorn
* Gaston Thorn (1928-2007), Luxembourg politician
* George Thorn
* Colonel Herman Thorn (1783–1859), called "the millionaire of New York", brother of Jonathan Thorn
* Jan Thorn-Prikker
* Jesse Thorn, America's Radio sweetheart
* John Thorn
* John Thorn (musician)
* Jonathan Thorn
* Matt Thorn
* Nautica Thorn
* Philip Thorn
* Robyn Thorn
* Rod Thorn
* Stuart Thorn, President of the Fat People United Group
* Tracey Thorn
* Vanaro Thorn
* Victor Thorn
* Vikki Thorn, one-third of The Waifs
* Viktor Thorn
* Rose and Thorn is a character with a split personality in DC comics
* Thorn, the main character of the online fantasy story Darksoul Kingdom
* Thorn Harvestar, a main character in Jeff Smith's Bone comic series
* Thorns (band), a Norwegian black metal band
* The Thorns, an American acoustic rock band
* Thorn (Inheritance) a dragon from the "Inheritance cycle"


* Thorn EMI
* THORN Electrical Industries
* Thorn Cycles, British bicycle manufacturer
* Thorn guitars, guitar manufacturer
* Thorn Lighting, luminaire manufacturer, part of Zumtobel Lighting Group

Other uses

* "Thorns", a 1967 science fiction novel by American writer Robert Silverberg
* Thorn (horse), racehorse that won the Kentucky Futurity in 1897
* Thorn is the name of the red dragon on the cover of the book Eldest.
* Thorn (comics) is a DC Comics character.
* Thorns, a Norwegian black metal band.

ee also

* Thorne, Thorne (surname)

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