Tarleton Hoffman Bean

Tarleton Hoffman Bean

Tarleton Hoffman Bean (1846–1916) was an American ichthyologist, born at Bainbridge, Pennsylvania. After teaching in a high school, in 1874 he became associated with the United States Fish Commission, working on the Connecticut coast. From 1874 to 1876 he studied medicine at Columbian College (now George Washington University).

In 1877 he joined the United States National Museum where he became curator of fishes in 1879. His field trips with the Fish Commission led to the discovery and description of many new species of fishes. From 1895 to 1898 he served as the first superintendent of the New York Aquarium at Castle Garden in Battery Park, Manhattan.

He served at the World's Columbian Exposition as commissioner in charge of fishes. He filled similar roles at the Atlanta Exposition in 1895, at Paris in 1900, at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1905.

He published many papers with his colleague George Brown Goode, including the monograph "Oceanic Ichthyology" (1896).


The genus "Tarletonbeania" of lanternfishes was named after him by Rosa Smith Eigenmann and Carl H. Eigenmann in 1890.

Species named after him include:
* Naked sand darter, "Ammocrypta beanii" Jordan, 1877.
* "Atherinella beani" (Meek & Hildebrand 1923).
* Green guapote, "Cichlasoma beani" (Jordan, 1889).
* "Ctenolucius beani" (Fowler, 1907).
* "Ophidion beanii" Jordan & Gilbert, 1883.
* "Plectromus beanii" (Günther, 1887).
* Deepwater dab, "Poecilopsetta beanii" (Goode, 1881).
* Bean's searobin, "Prionotus beanii" Goode, 1896.
* "Scopelogadus beanii" (Günther, 1887).
* Bean's sawtoothed eel, "Serrivomer beanii" Gill & Ryder, 1883.



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