Tarujen Saari

Tarujen Saari

Tarujen Saari is a Finnish folk-rock group. They are known for playing songs (for example The Three Ravens) from a variety of European folk traditions (often Celtic, Viking and associated sub-genres), as well as original compositions. Tarujen Saari employs a wide variety of instruments, many of which are traditional or Renaissance-era. Their lyrics are entirely in Finnish, with many songs being translated from the original language. Tarujen Saari have more being Hard rock influnces in their music and some "Heroic" Viking style lyrics that some people categorize them by Viking metal or "Viking rock". The name of the band, Tarujen Saari (The Island of Sagas), refers to Ireland.


Tarujen Saari has released four full albums:

* Helmiä ja kuparikolikoita "(Pearls and Copper Coins)" (1998)
* Hepsankeikka "(Flibbertygibbet)" (2000)
* Tarujen Saari "(The Island of Sagas") (2001)
* Levoton hauta "(The Unquiet Grave)" (2002)
* Sota kirottu! "(Damned War!)" (2004)
* Susien yö - Delirium Lupus "(Night of the Wolves)" (2006)

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* [http://www.tarujensaari.com/ Official website]

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