Author! Author!

Author! Author!

Author! Author! may refer to:

In literature:

* "Author! Author!" (book), autobiographical work by P. G. Wodehouse first published in 1953
* "Author! Author!" (short story), 1943 short story by Isaac Asimov
* "Author, Author" (novel), 2004 novel by David Lodge

In television:

* "Author, Author" ("Frasier"), episode of "Frasier"
* "Author, Author" ("Voyager" episode), episode of "Star Trek: Voyager"

In other fields:

* "Author! Author!" (album), 1981 album by Scottish post-punkers the "Scars"
* "Author! Author!" (film), 1982 film starring Al Pacino

* Happy Days Episode 237 is titled "Arthur, Arthur." See List_of_Happy_Days_episodes

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