Author Meets the Critics

Author Meets the Critics

Author Meets the Critics was an American TV series which began as a mid-season replacement on NBC during April 1948, but moved to ABC in 1949. The show moved back to NBC in 1951 and then moved to the DuMont Television Network from 10 January 1952 to 10 October 1954.

On the series, two critics debated a recently-published book, one in favor and the other against. Later, the author of the book appeared to face the critics.

John K.M. McCaffery was the moderator (1948-1951). Faye Emerson had a brief stint as moderator in 1952, during which the show was moved to prime time. Virgilia Peterson was the moderator during the DuMont run from 1952 to 1954.

The DuMont episodes of the show were produced by Phyllis Adams Jenkins, a pioneer in providing serious programming intended for daytime television audiences. She went on to produce the daytime "Home Show", starring Arlene Francis in the 1950's and Dinah Shore’s show in the 1960s.

On his show, Ernie Kovacs parodied it as "Author "Heats" The Critics," where the author attacks the critics, rather than the other way around.

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