A frame is a structural system that supports other components of a physical construction.

Frame may also refer to:

Engineering & construction

* Framing (construction), a building term known as light frame construction
* Frame (vehicle), to which everything on an automobile is mounted
* Bicycle frame, the main component of a bicycle, onto which other components are fitted
* Timber framing, a method of building for creating framed structures of heavy timber
* A-frame, a basic structure designed to bear a load in a lightweight economical manner
** A-Frame house, a house following the same principle
* Space frame, a method of construction using lightweight materials
* Framer, a carpenter who assembles major structural elements in constructing a building.
* Frame and panel, a method of woodworking
* Steam locomotive (chassis) section on engine frames
* Door frame or window frame, structures fixed to buildings, vehicles or other containers to which the hinges of doors or windows are attached and can be locked shut.


* Frame (beehive), a structural element that holds honeycomb
* Picture frame, a solid border around a picture or painting
* Eyeglass frames.
* Spinning frame
* Water frame
* Frame (dance), a connection between lead and follow in partner dancing
* climbing frame; a children's attraction in parks
* Framing (social sciences), terminology used in communication theory and sociology, where it relates to the contextual presentation of media content
* Frameup, to make an innocent party appear guilty of someone else's crime
* Frame tale, a narrative technique, for telling stories within a story
* Glossary of cue sports terms#Frame, for definition of terms "frames" in games: bowling and snooker
* FRAME (magazine), design magazine from the Netherlands

Science & mathematics

* FRAME:S, therapeutic model focused on certain problems of youth
* Frameshift mutation, when a single base-pair is added to a DNA string, causing incorrect transcription
* Frame of a vector space, a generalization of a basis to sets of linearly dependent vectors which also satisfy the "frame condition"
* Frame of reference, the set of coordinates in which a system is observed
* Sampling frame, a set of items or events possible to measure (statistics)
* Orthonormal frame, in Riemannian geometry
* Projective frame, in projective geometry
* Moving frame, in differential geometry
* Frames and locales, in order theory
* Frame bundle, in mathematics is a principal fiber bundle associated with any vector bundle.
* Basis (linear algebra), an ordered basis is also called a "frame"

Computer science

* Frame (telecommunications), a data-link layer Protocol data unit,that containse frame serial number and frame information.Represention using structure as shown below

/* structure definition*/

struct frame{ int frsno; /* to store frame serial number*/ char frinfo; /* to store information*/}; struct frame f1,f2;

/*structure declaration*/ Memory is created for the structuere variables f1 and f2;

and to sort frames use bubble sort algorithm

* Stack frame, a part of a call stack
* Frame synchronization, receiving a stream of framed data. This is sometimes referred to as "framing".
* Framework, software
* a data structure in frame languages
* the frame problem in artificial intelligence
* Framing (World Wide Web), a method of displaying multiple HTML documents on one page
** HTML frame, the frame element in HTML
* Frame Technology (software engineering), a models-to-code system based on adaptable frames
* Frame Technology, a desktop publishing software company
* Frame (Artificial intelligence), in the field of Artificial Intelligence, frames are machine-usable formalizations of concepts or schemata that can be used for knowledge representation.

Arts & media

* Film frame, one of the many single photographic images in a motion picture
* Reframing (film technique), in film and programming
* E-frame, in the animated science fiction series "Exosquad"
* The Frames, an Irish rock band.
* Frames (album), the third album by English rock band Oceansize


* Fred Frame
* Janet Frame
* John Frame
* John Frame (cricketer)
* Linley Frame
* Pete Frame
* Roddy Frame
* Tom Frame

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