2030 CE

2030 CE

"2030 CE" is a Canadian children's TV series that aired for two seasons on YTV in 2002. It aired in the U.S. on HBO. The series was created by Angela Bruce, Dennis Foon and Yan Moore. A third season had been planned, but was cancelled after financial supporters backed out.

It was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Plot line

In the year 2030 C.E., no one lives past the age of thirty in a semi-post-apocalyptic, dystopian Earth, due to "Progressive Aging Syndrome" (P.A.S.). Hart Greyson was going to be a doctor at fourteen.

The world has been basically destroyed and only due to the combination of Nexes have people been given the chance at living. However, Nexes is militant and hiding something which the Storm, a secret organization, has been working on trying to combat. Hart Greyson, is a step that none saw coming. In his learning that he was to be sent into a completely different career then that which he'd worked all his life for, he begins fighting his own war.

His sister, Rome Greyson is 12 years old, a genetics genius and also very talented with computer operations, becomes a strong ally.

Jakki is a member of the Storm and also one of the first long term contacts that Hart makes. She is in the fight for several reasons, but amongst them is to find the man that she loves who is missing. Dax, was taken by Nexes and come to find out he was experimented on.

Zeus, mysterious, technical genius and somewhat high on the knowledge of what he can do would have to be one of the few characters that several would have enjoyed seeing in both seasons.

Progressive Aging Syndrome causes people to age rapidly, once they near 30 their bodies break down and they die. However, Nexes is supposed to be working on finding a cure, which Hart learns is farthest from the truth.


*Hart Greyson (played by Corey Sevier) - Age 15, smart, athletic, and funny.
*Rome Greyson (played by Tatiana Maslany) - Age 12, hip, open-minded, a whiz with the computer.
*Robby Drake (played by Neil Denis) - Age 15, Hart's bestfriend. (Penello)
*Jakki Kaan (played by Jessica Lucas) - Age 15, free spirit, fearless and bright.
*Dr. Maxine Rich (played by Elyse Levesque) - Age 19, All charm on the outside, she is as hard as steel on the inside. She's smart, savvy, and shrewd.
*Quixote (played by Skye O.J. Kneller) - Age unknown, a girl who looks to be 12. Often comes to the aid of Hart.


eason 1

*1x01: Happy Destiny Day/ 6 February 2002
*1x02: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes/ 13 February 2002
*1x03: First Assignment/ 20 February 2002
*1x04: Cat and Mouse/ 27 February 2002
*1x05: The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves/ 6 March 2002
*1x06: Free Jake/ 13 March 2002
*1x07: Strange Medicine/ 20 March 2002
*1x08: The Whole Truth/ 27 March 2002
*1x09: Do You Know who Your Friends Are?/ 3 April 2002
*1x10: Live Bait/10 April 2002
*1x11: Trial and Punishment/ 17 April 2002
*1x12: Into the Lion's Lair/ 24 April 2002
*1x13: Plan B/ 1 May 2002

eason 2

*2x01: Where's Robby?/ 9 January 2003
*2x02: Free Robby/ 16 January 2003
*2x03: The Defector/ 23 January 2003
*2x04: Get Victor/ 30 January 2003
*2x05: The Ghost/ 6 February 2003
*2x06: The One That Got Away/ 13 February 2003
*2x07: Blood and Ice/ 20 February 2003
*2x08: Faint Hope Clause/ 27 February 2003
*2x09: The Saboteur/ 6 March 2003
*2x10: Prisoners/ 13 March 2003
*2x11: Batteries Not Included/ 20 March 2003
*2x12: Endgame/ 27 March 2003
*2x13: Reunion/ 3 April 2003

ee also

*"The Tribe", another post-apocalypse series based on the death of all adults.
*"Jeremiah", another post-apocalypse series based on the death of all adults.

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