Tone may refer to:



* Pitch (music), the perceived frequency of a note or sound (see also pure tone)
* Note, the name of a pitch
* Whole tone, or major second, a commonly occurring musical interval
* Timbre, the quality of a musical note or sound that distinguishes different types of sound production
* Gregorian chants reciting formulas such as Psalm tone and Recitative
* In collaboration with pitch, tone controls the overall bass, mid, and treble frequencies heard within a certain note. Tone can make the same note or pitch sound darker or brighter, heavier or lighter, "bassier and treblier" in essence.


* "Tones", album by Eric Johnson
* 2 Tone (or Two Tone), style of music combining elements of ska and punk
* "Tone", album by Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament

Language and writing

* Tone (linguistics), the use of pitch in language to distinguish words
* Tone (literature), the mood or feeling of a literary work, as the author gives
* Tone (writing), grafitti writer, Czech republic, Brno

Telephone and electronics

* Dial tone, a signal indicating that the exchange is ready to accept a call
* Dual-tone multi-frequency, a dialing system also known as Touch-Tone
* Ringtone, the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call
* Tone control circuits, used to modify an audio signal before it is fed to speakers, headphones or recording devices by way of an amplifier


* River Tone, Somerset, England
* Tone River, Kanto region, Japan
* Tone, Ibaraki, Japan
* Tone District, Gunma, Japan
* Tône, a prefecture in Togo


* "Tone", Japanese cruiser employed during World War 1
* "Tone", Japanese cruiser employed during World War 2


* Muscle tone, the state of tension or responsiveness of the organs or tissues of the body.
* Toning exercises, the use of exercise to develop hard, but not necessarily large, musculature


* Tone Loc, American hip hop artist and actor
* Franchot Tone, American actor
* Theobald Wolfe Tone, Irish republican
* Tone Tone, American hip hop artist
* TONE, Iraqi/American hip hop artist and producer
* Tony, A popular Western Name

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