Flunky (computer game)

Flunky (computer game)

Infobox VG| title = Flunky

developer = Don Priestley
publisher = Piranha Games
designer =
engine =
released = 1987
genre = Arcade adventure
modes = Single player
ratings = N/A
platforms = ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC
media = Cassette
requirements =
input = Keyboard, Joystick

"Flunky" (sometimes known as "Mad Flunky") is a computer game programmed by Don Priestley and released in 1987 for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC home computers. It was published by Piranha Games. It is notable for Priestley's large, colourful graphics which, on the Spectrum, avoid attribute clash problems.


The player takes control of a flunky in the service of the British Royal Family. The flunky is given orders by various members of the family which he must carry out. When he is successful in completing a task, he can obtain an autograph from the satisfied royal. Once he has successfully completed tasks for several royals he can go on to perform the final task for Queen Elizabeth II herself.


The player controls the flunky as he moves around Buckingham Palace, carrying out orders that members of the Royal Family will give him. The flunky can only be given one task to do at a time. The solutions needed to complete the tasks range from the correct use of items in the correct places to tasks requiring skillful playing more remiscent of action games.


The members of the Royal Family who are featured in this game include:

*Prince Charles
*Princess Diana
*Prince Andrew
*The Duchess of York
*Queen Elizabeth II

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* The Trap Door (game)

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* [http://www.ysrnry.co.uk/articles/flunky.htm Review from "Your Sinclair"]
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