Secret Agent (video game)

Secret Agent (video game)

Infobox VG| title = Secret Agent

developer = Apogee Software
publisher = Apogee Software
engine = Crystal Caves engine
designer = Peder Jungck (programming), George Broussard (game artwork), Jim Norwood (screen artwork)
released = 1 February, 1992
genre = Side scrolling platform game
modes = Single player
ratings = NA
platforms = MS-DOS PC
media = Floppy disk (1)
requirements = 80286 CPU, 450KB RAM, EGA graphic card
input = Keyboard, Joystick

"Secret Agent" is a video game written and published by Apogee Software.

Like most Apogee games, this game was released in three episodes (referred to as missions), the first one being shareware. The missions are called "The Hunt for Red Rock Rover", "Kill Again Island", and "Dr. No Body".

"Secret Agent" uses the same game engine as the earlier "Crystal Caves".


In the game, you are Agent 006½ and attempt to recover stolen weapon plans for a ruby powered laser. Along the way Agent 006½ must enter every fortress on the island, destroy the security dishes by shooting them, and find packs of dynamite to escape from the fortress. D.V.S. (Diabolical Villain Society, but sounds like 'devious') henchmen come in 5 levels of increasing difficulty: guard, sentry, ninja, ninja master, and thug, the last two of which carry guns. If any of them are shot, they morph into lower henchmen until they die, leaving behind a grave. Then, Agent 006½ gets 100 points for shooting their grave, or 1,000 points for collecting the grave. Also, all levels contain the letters S, P, and Y in them, and if collected in order to spell SPY, the player is awarded 10,000 points. If a level is finished in perfect health, the player is awarded 25,000 points.

After all security dishes in the fortresses are destroyed, a barrier to the final fortress is lowered. The final fortress is similar to every other fortress, except that near the exit is part of the Red Rock Rover blueprint. After exiting, the player is given a short message and a full-screen picture. All 3 missions are very similar overall, with only slight variations in the story section, slight changes in in-game colors and graphic components, some new bonus items, and the enemy "Robbie the Robot" fires beams in the first mission, but bubbles in episodes 2 and 3.

Cultural references

The name of the episodes are references to real-life spy movies: "The Hunt for Red Rock Rover" is most likely pun on the film The Hunt for Red October, and "Dr. No Body" is a reference to the James Bond film Dr. No.

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* [ Official home page] including shareware download
* [ Secret Agent maps]

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