Spring may refer to:
* Spring (season), a season of the year
* Spring (device), a mechanical part
* Spring (hydrosphere), a natural source of water


* "Spring" (painting), an oil by Lawrence Alma-Tadema
* "Spring", a painting by Christopher Williams


* Spring!, a brand of bottled water
* Spring Airlines, a Chinese airline
* Spring (store), a Canada-based shoe retailer


* Spring, a character in The Runelords series of fantasy novels by David Farland

Film and television

* "The Spring", a 1989 film about the Fountain of Youth
* "Spring" ("Pee-wee's Playhouse"), an episode of "Pee-wee's Playhouse"
* "Spring" (television soap), a Flemish-Belgian television series

Mathematics and computing

* Spring (mathematics), in geometry, a surface of revolution in the shape of a helix with thickness
* Spring (operating system), an experimental operating system from Sun Microsystems
* Spring Framework, "Spring" for short, an open source application framework for the Java platform
* Spring project, an open-source RTS engine inspired by "Total Annihilation"



* "Spring" (concerto), "La primavera", from Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"
* "Spring" (symphony), Symphony No. 1 by Robert Schumann
* "Spring" (sonata), Violin Sonata No. 5 by Beethoven
* "In Spring", a symphony by John Knowles Paine
* "Spring" (Rammstein song)


* "Spring" (Cyann & Ben album)
* "Spring" (Finn Coren album)
** "", a follow-up album
* "Spring" (Jon Foreman EP)
* "Spring" (Clay Hart album), an album by Clay Hart
* "Spring", an EP by Subtle


* Spring (band), an English band, or the band's only album
* Spring (American band), a 1970s pop music duo, known outside the U.S. as American Spring
* Spring (Belgian band), a group that performed at Marktrock 2004
* Springs, a Japanese band, formed by Aya Hirano, Yuki Yoshita, Ayaka Itō


* Springa, born David Spring, American writer and singer
* Cecil Spring-Rice, British diplomat, Ambassador to the United States 1912 to 1918
* Dick Spring, Irish businessman and politician
* Howard Spring, Welsh author
* Jack Spring, American baseball pitcher
* Sherwood C. Spring, United States Army officer and astronaut


* Springs, New York, a part of East Hampton, New York, US
* Springs, Pennsylvania, US
* Spring, Texas, US
* Springs, Gauteng, South Africa
* Şpring, a commune in Alba County, Romania

Other uses

* Springs Christian Academy, a private school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
* SPRING Singapore, a governmental department of Singapore


* "Springtime" (1920 film), a film starring Oliver Hardy
* "Springtime" (2004 film), a South Korean film

ee also

* (for articles related to the season)
* Sprung (disambiguation)

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