Saho people

Saho people

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The Saho, sometimes called Soho, [ [ Through an artist's eyes] ] are an ethnic group living largely in the Southern and Northern Red Sea regions of Eritrea, but some also live in adjacent parts of Ethiopia. They are predominantly Muslim. A few Christians, who are also known as the Irob, live along the southern border of Eritrea and some in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. [ Saho: Land & People ] ] Exact numbers of Saho are difficult to estimate, since there has been no census in Eritrea since its founding (see Demographics of Eritrea). Estimates range from a low of 4% to as much as 10% of Eritrea's population - from 120,000 to 320,000 people. They speak the Saho language.

They have a system of clans - 11 at present - which are in turn divided into kinship groups. Clan loyalty is an important factor in Saho politics.

Tribes of the Saho

* Minifre, Arabicمنفري comprises sub groups off:Gaaso Arabic قعسو clans comprise:• Shum Abdalla Gaisha• Yofish Gaisha• Shum Ahmad Gaisha• Hassan Gaisha• Silyan Gaisha• Asa-Ushmaal• Oni - Maal• Salmunta• GadafurDasamo clans comprise:• Abdallah Harak• Naefie Harak• Mosat Harak• Subakum Are• Daili Are• Kundes• Illaishe• Asa BoraFaqat Harak comprises:• Faqih Abubakar• Faqih Omar• Faqih Ahmad.Silaita clans comprise:• Hakatti Are• Qomma Are• Zella Are• Halato• Abbarior
* Idda (Ge'ez እዳ, Arabic إِدًّا, alternatively ادة or ادى), one of the earliest known Saho tribes in Eritrea, also known as “Bado Ambalish” (Ge'ez ባዶ አምባልሽ, Arabic اصحاب الأرض, "friends of the land [Earth] ") or "bearers of land".
*Asaworta, also known as the Assa-Awurta.
*Irob (Ge'ez: ኢሮብ "ʾirōb", also spelled Erob), a Christian tribe in the highlands of the Tigray Region.

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* [ List of Saho tribes]


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