Lamin Saho

Lamin Saho

"Lamin Saho, Griot from The Gambia"

Lamin Saho is a kora player, vocalist and the leader of the band "Roots and Culture". He lives in The Gambia (Which is situated in the West of Africa) and he is the oldest son of the famous late Yankuba Saho, who was a griot also.

There are a lot of kora players in The Gambia, but Lamin is very talented and he has the intention to keep the traditional kora music alive, but he has given it a personal touch. That's why the people in The Gambia love Lamin for his music.


"Saba Miniamba""

1. Ebrima Bojang (Lamin Saho)

2. Keba Njouga (Lamin Kuyateh)

3. Mbanilay (Traditional)

4. Miniamba (Traditional)

5. Tumarankeh (Lamin Saho)

6. Kelleh (Lamin Saho) 7. Kaira (Traditional) 8. Saho (Lamin Saho) 9. Njangu Kelelehlu (Traditional)

"Minimba Live""
* "No trackinglist available"

"Jung Kelefa""

1. Jola Kelefa (Traditional) 2. Dawda Sanneh (Jung Kelefa)

3. Nkana Keleleh (Lamin Saho) 4. Conkoba (Traditional)

5. Mbamba Bojang (Mbaye Konteh)


* [ His website]

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