Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

name =Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro

motto ="Alis Grave Nil" (Latin)
mottoeng =With wings, nothing is heavy
established =1941
type =private,
pontifical since 1947
president =Fr. Jesús Hortal Sánchez, S.J.
city =Rio de Janeiro
state =RJ
country =Brazil
students =17,900
undergrad =10,400
postgrad =7,500
campus =urban area: 27,181 acres (110 km²)
affiliations =Roman Catholic Church
Society of Jesus
website = [http://www.puc-rio.br/ www.puc-rio.br]
The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese: Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, acronym PUC-Rio) is a private non-profit Pontifical University in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


It was created in 1941 by the Society of Jesus in order to develop knowledge based on humanistic values.Now, with approximately 12,000 undergraduate students, 2,500 graduate students and 4,000 extension students, PUC-Rio is internationally recognized as one of the top five universities in Brazil and one of the two best in Rio de Janeiro ( [http://www.webometrics.info/top100_continent.asp?cont=latin_america link] to Webometrics). PUC-Rio is widely known as a high level education center in Brazil, with emphasis in Law, Engineering, Psychology, Economics, Business and International Relations. The University is also known by its free cultural aspect, which always tried to bring the broadest types of students in order to foster and develop diversity amongst the students. PUC-Rio has been responsible for the formation and education of thousands of professionals, many of which have become influential and important characters of the actual Brazilian society.

In the past few years PUC-Rio has been developing an International Exchange Program with Universities all over the world. Universities such as Harvard, Notre Dame, UCLA, Brown University and many other European centers have participated on the program, which is responsible for the exchange of hundreds of students every year. Exchange students may be given a personal welcome interview in the hour of their arrival to get them situated with a rental cell phone and their pre-arranged housing well before the orientation sessions begin.


PUC-Rio is located in Gávea ( [http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&t=h&ie=UTF8&ll=-22.978214,-43.231314&spn=0.002301,0.005021&z=18&om=0 link] to Google maps), a neighborhood located in the south zone of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. It sits right at the edge of the Tijuca Forest (a national forest), with a river extending from the forest through the entrance of PUC-Rio. Tree-covered mountains make up the north view of the campus.

A large number of city bus lines have stops at the entrance of University. It is close to Leblon, Ipanema, Jardim Botânico and Lagoa, which are some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Rio. The subway authority (Metrô) has planned expanding it's line to a station at the entrance of PUC-Rio, however, while the Gávea station is not built, a Metrô-branded bus connects the University to the "Siqueira Campos" station, which is located in mid-Copacabana (about 5 miles from the Campus).


The campus was built with donations from many institutions and foundations in the early 1940s. A special donation was given by the USA during the President John Kennedy government, which was thanked by a statue with John Kennedy's face and with a building in PUC's campus named after the president.

It is located in a place which used to be a coffee farm long ago. A river divides the university campus in two, and there are three small bridges to connect these halves.

There are four libraries on campus: the Central Library, located on the third floor of the Frings building, and one specialized library per center.

Rio Datacentro (RDC) is the computer center. The first Internet provider in the country, RDC has a state-of-the-art multiprocessor computer and a graphics-computing center, among other equipment and programs. It also provides free access to the Internet to all PUC-Rio students, who can use the terminals located in various microcomputer laboratories on campus or their own portable wireless devices.

Solar Grandjean de Montigny, PUC-Rio's Cultural Center, has displays of visual arts exhibitions all year round.

At the Pilotis (Kennedy building's ground floor), many cultural events take place, like political debates, shows and fairs. The "Festa Junina" is a traditional folkloric festivity with a country-life ambiance. Typical food, costumes and dances bring alive an old way of living in Brazil. It takes place every June.

On PUC-Rio's campus there are also three restaurants, 5 coffee-shops, 1 pizza-parlor; a bookstore and an office supply store; many copy centers; branches of three banks, (Itaú, ABN AMRO Real and Santander Banespa, subsidiary of Banco Santander); a post office; a newsstand and ATM machines. Close to the campus there are a great number of shops, banks, the Planetarium, specialized bookstores, restaurants and even a mall. The Botanical Gardens and Leblon beach are within walking distance.


Center of Technical Science (CTC - Centro Técnico Científico)
* [http://www.ele.puc-rio.br/ Department of Eletrical Engineering]
* [http://www.civ.puc-rio.br/ Department of Civil Engineering]
* [http://www.ind.puc-rio.br/ Department of Industrial Engineering]
* [http://www.mec.puc-rio.br/ Department of Mechanical Engineering]
* [http://www.mat.puc-rio.br/ Department of Mathematics]
* [http://www.fis.puc-rio.br/ Department of Physics]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/quimica/index.html Department of Chemistry]
* [http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/ Department of Informatics]
* [http://www.dcmm.puc-rio.br/ Department of Material Sciences]
* [http://www.cetuc.puc-rio.br/ Center of Telecommunications Studies]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/ituc/index.html Institute of Technology] Center of Social Sciences (CCS - Centro Científico Social)
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/iag/ Department of Business]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/comunicacao/index.html Department of Social Communication]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/direito/index.html Department of Law]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/economia/index.html Department of Economics]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/geografia/index.html Department of Geography]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/historia/index.html Department of History]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/sociologia/index.html Department of Politics and Sociology]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/servicosocial/index.html Department of Social Service]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/iapuc Institute of Financial Risk Administration]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/iri/index.html Institute of International Relations] Center of Theology and Humanities (CTCH - Centro de Teologia e Ciências Humanas)
* [http://www.dad.puc-rio.br/ Department of Arts and Design]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/educacao/index.html Department of Education]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/filosofia/index.html Department of Philosophy]
* [http://www.letras.puc-rio.br/ Department of Linguistics]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/psicologia/index.html Department of Psychology]
* [http://www.puc-rio.br/sobrepuc/depto/teologia/index.html Department of Theology]

Famous Alumni

Many prominent members of the Brazilian society have graduated in PUC, in areas such as politics, economics and culture.
*Arminio Fraga (Economics - former Brazilian Central Bank chairman)
*Arnaldo Jabor (Law - influent journalist and filmmaker)
*Carlos Alberto Menezes Direito (Law - justice of the Supremo Tribunal Federal)
*Fernada Abreu (Sociology - famous Brazilian musician)
*Gustavo Franco (Economics - former Brazilian Central Bank chairman)
*João Clemente Baena Soares (Law - former Secretary General of the Organization of American States)
*All the members of Los Hermanos (Social Communication - famous Brazilian band)
*Marcelo Gleiser (Physics - Famous astronomer, Professor of Astronomy and Physics at Dartmouth College)
*Paulo Levy (Economics - famous Brazilian economist)
*Pedro Malan (Engineering - former Brazilian Minister of Economics)
*Rodrigo Santoro (Social Communication - Brazilian Hollywood actor)
*Sérgio Machado Rezende (Engineering - Brazilian minister of Science and Technology)
*Walter Salles (Economics - Brazilian filmmaker)
*Pedro Bial (Journalism - Reporter of Emissora Globo)

Rectors of PUC-Rio

#Fr. Leonel Edgar da Silveira Franca, S.J. (1941-1948)
#Fr. Paulo Bannwarth, S.J. (1948-1951)
#Fr. Pedro Belisário Velloso Rebello, S.J. (1951-1956)
#Fr. Artur Alonso Frias, S.J. (1956-1962)
#Fr. Laércio Dias de Moura, S.J. (1962-1970)
#Fr. Ormindo Sodré Viveiros de Castro, S.J. (1970-1972)
#Fr. Pedro Belisário Velloso Rebello, S.J. (1972-1976)
#Fr. João Augusto Anchieta Amazonas MacDowell, S.J. (1976-1982)
#Fr. Laércio Dias de Moura, S.J. (1982-1995)
#Fr. Jesús Hortal Sánchez, S.J. (1995-present)

External links

* [http://www.puc-rio.br/ PUC-Rio]

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