List of Canadian politicians who have switched parties

List of Canadian politicians who have switched parties

This is a list of Canadian politicians who have changed political parties.

* MPs are Members of Parliament of Canada
* MPPs are Members of Provincial Parliament of Ontario
* MNAs are Members of the National Assembly of Quebec
* MHAs are Members of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador
* MLAs are Members of the Legislative Assembly of other provinces

Conservative Parties

Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance) to Liberals

*Ken Boshcoff - Liberal MP 2004+ Thunder Bay-Rainy River, former Mayor of Thunder Bay, ran for the PCs in 1984 [ [ History of Federal Ridings since 1867 ] ]
*Scott Brison - First openly gay Progressive Conservative MP, Kings Hants 1997-1998, (gave up seat for than leader Joe Clark to run), 2000-2003. He ran for the PC leadership in June 2003, coming in 3rd. He quit the new Conservatives in late 2003 over their far right wing agenda, saying "...while they figure out ways to privatize the sidewalk." [ [] ]
*Donna Cansfield - Liberal MPP 2003+ Etobicoke Centre, former School Board Trustee. Used to be a Tory. [Toronto Sun, Fri 23 October 2003, Pg E11]
*Gary Carr - Ontario PC MPP Oakville 1995-2003 / Liberal MP Halton 2004+ ; This former NHL Hockey Player and former Speaker of the House for the Ontario Legislature publicly rebuffed, and quit the Tories over the lack of integrity and waste caused by the Harris/Eves governments.
*Jim Connors - Former federal PC Party President (from Nova Scotia) to Liberal [CPAC 2004 election coverage] [ [ Election Prediction Project ] ] [ [ PC Party of Nova Scotia - PC Executive ] ]
*John Herron - PC MP for New Brunswick, quit the new conservatives, to run for the Liberals and subsequantely lost to the Conservative candidate.
*Jack Horner - PC MP, switched to Liberals in 1977. [ Sorry, this page has moved! / Désolé, cette page a déménagé! ] ]
*David Kilgour - Former PC MP from Alberta, switched to being a Liberal MP in early 1990s over the Mulroney Government introducing the GST.
*Nancy MacBeth – Former PC MLA, & came in 2nd PC leadership in 1990 to Ralph Klein. Later quit the PCs and became leader of the Alberta Liberals.
*Dr. Keith Martin - Reform/Alliance MP, left the new Conservatives soon after they formed to become a Liberal. [ [] ]
*Bill Matthews - PC MP elected in 1997. Switched to Liberals in 1999, but consequently lost the liberal nomination for the riding. Ran in another riding.
*Joe Peschisolido - Ran for Alliance in 1997 in Etobicoke North. Alliance MP Richmond BC 2000-2002, joined the Liberals 28 January 2002. He lost the 2004 nomination to person he had previously beat, Raymond Chan.
*Belinda Stronach - Conservative Leadership candidate and MP elect in 2004, switched to liberals in 2005 in exchange for a cabinet position.
*Garth Turner - former PC/Conservative MP, switched to the Liberal Party after being kicked out of the Conservative Party
*Mark Warner - Former Conservative Candidate for Toronto Centre, he was removed by Stephen Harper. He later endorsed Liberal candidate Bob Rae.
*Marianne Wilkinson - Former head of the Progressive Conservatives Women's Council and former Mayor of Kanata, Ontario Liberal candidate for Lanark-Carleton in the 2003 election. (She has now joined something called the Patriot Party.)

Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance) to Co-operative Commonwealth Federation/New Democratic Party

*Randy Wayne Dawe - former Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative candidate, NDP candidate in 2008 federal election in Avalon [ ]
*John Edzerza - Yukon Party MLA 2002-2006, switched to the Yukon NDP in 2006 and ran as their candidate
*Gaston Langlais - former Conservative candidate, NDP candidate in 2008 federal election in Gaspasie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine [ ]
*David MacDonald - United Church Minister, PC MP Prince/Egmont 1965-1980, Rosedale 1988-1993. Ran for NDP in Toronto-Centre Rosedale in 1997 federal election.
*Donald C. MacDonald - a Conservative Party supporter in his youth, switched to the CCF in the 1930s as a result of the Great Depression and became a CCF organizer, candidate, and Ontario CCF/NDP leader in the 1950s and 1960s and remained an MPP until the 1980s.
*Dr. Hinrich Bitter-Suermann - Liver transplant surgeon, born in 1940 in Berlin, Germany. Resided in Chester Basin, N.S. since 1982. Elected as a Progressive Conservative MLA in Chester- St. Margarets in 1998, but disagreed with the party's decision to support the Liberal budget and crossed the floor to join the NDP. He ran for Nova Scotia NDP leadership in 2000. He lost to the PC candidate in the 1999 Nova Scotia election, and again by approximately 200 votes in 2003.
*Robert Toupin - Quebec PC MP for Terrebonne, switched to NDP in 1986, then to Independent in 1987.
*Irene Atkinson - Longtime Toronto school trustee and Progressive Conservative activist, quit the party due to the policies of Mike Harris and was an Ontario NDP candidate in Parkdale—High Park in the 1999 provincial election.

Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance) to Greens

*Elio Di Iorio - Green Party Richmond Hill City Councillor. Former Progressive Conservative candidate (1999 York West federal by-election).
*Gabriel Draven - Green Party of Ontario President. Perennial Green Party candidate for Toronto Centre-Rosedale (Ontario October 2003, Federal June 2004 election). Stated to a local newspaper that he was a Tory while in University.
*Peter Elgie - Green Party of Ontario Deputy Leader. A former Progressive Conservative [ [] ] Elgie's father was a Former Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP/Cabinet Minister.
*Phil Gillies - former Ontario PC cabinet minister, now endorses the Green Party []
*Jim Harris - Leader of the Green Party of Canada (2003-2006). A former Progressive Conservative member in the early 80's.
*Rafe Mair - Former BC Social Credit MLA and now Radio Host. Now a green party supporter.
*David Scrymgeour - Former (and first) Executive Director of the Conservative Party of Canada. Served as campaign director for Jim Flaherty's Ontario PC leadership bid before switching to the Green Party. [Vancouver Sun, 20 August 2004] [ [ December 19 2005 Archives - mike watkins dot ca ] ]
*Adrian Visentin - Green Party of Ontario Chief Financial Officer. A former Canadian Alliance candidate (2000 federal election) and Ontario Conservative party member. Visentin ran as a candidate for the Green Party of Ontario in 2003 and the Green Party of Canada in 2006.
*Stephen Woollcombe - Progressive Conservative candidate in the federal elections of 2000. Now a Green. [ [ Elizabeth May, Green Party Leadership Candidate, Green Party of Canada ] ]
*Gary Caldwell - Conservative candidate in 2006 election in Compton—Stanstead, running for the Greens in the 2008 election.

Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance) to Bloc

*Lucien Bouchard – Quebec Premier 1996–2001 / PC MP under the Mulroney government, elected in 1988, then created the federal version of the Parti Québécois, the Bloc Québécois, leader of the Bloc to 1996, before becoming Premier of Quebec.
*Nic LeBlanc - PC MP 1984-1992 for Longueuil, than become Bloc MP 1992-1997. Ran for Canadian Alliance in 2000, and Conservatives in 2004.
*Pierrette Venne - PC MP Saint Hubert 1988-1991, BLOC 1991-2004.

Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance) to Other

*Larry Spencer, former Alliance MP, removed from caucus for controversial social views, ran in 2004 election as independent, now a member of the Christian Heritage Party, serving as interim president.

Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance) to none/No Public Support

*André Bachand - The last PC MP in Quebec, and former PC leadership candidate. Became an independent after the Alliance/PC merger.
*Rick Borotsik - Manitoba PC MP from 1997-2004 for Brandon , quit the new merged Conservatives over Harper's right wing views. He later became a Manitoba PC MLA.
*Joe Clark - Former Prime Minister of Canada and two-time leader of Progressive Conservatives,
*Flora MacDonald - Former "Red Tory" PC MP, leadership candidate and cabinet minister.

Liberal Parties

Liberals to Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance)

*Melissa Bhagat - TV Host, was barred from seeking the federal Liberal nomination for Brampton-Springdale after Paul Martin appointed Ruby Dhalla. She is the Conservative Party candidate for Mississauga East-Cooksville for the 2008 Canadian Federal election. [ [ Conservative Party executive protest nomination process - The Mississauga News - ] ]
*John Bryden - Liberal MP Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Aldershot 1993-2004 - He quit the Liberals over integrity issues and that he believed that the cities shouldn't get any money from the federal government. He sought the New Conservative Party Nomination for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Aldershot and lost.
*Lawrence Cannon - Former Quebec Liberal Cabinet Minister, Candidate for Conservatives in Pontiac in 2005 federal election.
*Annamarie Castrilli - Ontario Liberal MPP elected in 1995 for Downsview. Switch to the PCs, and ran for them in another riding in 1999, losing badly.
*Joe Comuzzi - former Liberal MP, switched to the Conservatives over Same-Sex Marriage [ [ 35091-Thunder Bay-Superior North ] ]
*Anne Cools - Poverty & Housing advocate, Toronto Centre-Rosedale candidate in 1980,appointed by Pierre Trudeau to the Senate in 1984. As a senator, she switched over to the Conservatives on Tuesday June 8, 2004.
*John Crosbie - Liberal Newfoundland MLA, switched to Newfoundland PCs, then PC MP, outspoken finance minister for Joe Clark's government.
*David Emerson - Liberal MP and cabinet Minister elected in 2004 for Vancouver Kingsway. Switched to Conservatives 6 February 2006 so he could keep his cabinet job.
*Raminder Gill - Ontario PC MPP 1999-2003, he was initially a Liberal, but after losing the 1993 federal Liberal nomination to Gurbax Malhi he became a Conservative.
*Stephen Harper - Said he used to be a Trudeau Liberal [BC Election Spin Off, after election show Wed June 30 2004]
*Paul Hellyer - Former Liberal MP. He was invited by Federal Progressive Conservative Leader Robert Stansfield to join, and accepted. He later quit over Free Trade and started a new party, Canadian Action Party. He has recently sought to merge the Canadian Action Party with the New Democratic Party.
*Rahim Jaffer - Reform/Alliance/Conservative MP for Edmonton Strathcona, said he used to be a liberal (Source - CBC Newsworld, Cross Country Checkup Edmonton Strathcona candidates debate, Sunday June 6 2004)
*Wajid Khan - 2007 - Switched from Liberal MP to Conservative MP because he was 'freelancing' for Harper and had to choose between the job and his party, and he chose his job.
*Ralph Klein - a Liberal supporter until 1988 federal election when he endorsed the federal Mulroney Tories. Was elected to the Alberta legislature as a Tory in 1989 and became Premier in 1992
*Robert Layton - Liberal Party organizer in Quebec, switched to the Tories in the early 1980s and was elected to the House of Commons in 1984 as a Tory MP, appointed to cabinet.
*Joseph McEwen - Ontario Liberal MPP for Frontenac--Addington 1975-1984, switched to Ontario PC in 1984 then lost
*Tim Peterson - Ontario Liberal MPP for Mississauga South elected in 2003, left the Liberals to sit as an independent in 2007, and will run for the Ontario PC party in the 2007 election.
*Marvin Shore - Ontario Liberal MPP for London North 1975-1976, switched to Tories 1976-1977 then lost. His son is writer/producer David Shore.

Liberals to Social Credit

*Bill Vander Zalm - ran for federal Liberals in 1968 and the BC Liberals in early 70s, he later became BC Premier under Social Credit.

Liberals to New Democratic Party

*Jean Allard - Manitoba Liberal candidate for Rupertland in 1966. He won the riding of Churchill for the NDP in 1969. He quit the NDP in 1972 to sit as an independent.
*Linda Asper - sister of Israel Asper (Founder of Global, Manitoba Liberal Party Leader 1970-1975), ran for Manitoba Liberals in 1990, NDP MLA 1999-2003 then resigning to take up an international job position.
*Jeff Atkinson - former Liberal, was the Ontario NDP candidate in 2003 for Ottawa Centre
*Buckley Belanger - Saskatchewan Liberal MLA elect in 1995. He switched to the NDP and a by-election was held in 1998 where he was re-elected as a New Democrat.
*Françoise Boivin - Liberal MP for Gatineau 2003-2006. Is running for the NDP in the same riding in the next federal election.
*Richard Cashin - from Liberal MP from Newfoundland in 1960s, later Newfoundland NDP President in 1970s
*Alex Cullen - Ontario MPP Elected in a by-election in Ottawa West in 1997, switch to the NDP in Nov 1998 after losing the nomination to the brother of the Mayor of Ottawa. He lost in the 1999 election.
*Laurent Desjardins - Manitoba Liberal MLA for St. Boniface, who decided to support the minority NDP government in 1969 to stop any attempts of the Liberals, Progressive Conservative and Social Credit of trying to create a coalition government. He official joined the NDP in 1972.
*Dennis Drainville - former Ontario NDP MPP 1990-1993, ran for Ontario Liberals in 1981 in Riverdale
*Sam Drover - Liberal MHA Newfoundland 1949-1955. He switched to the CCF, become the 1st CCF-NDP in Newfoundland. He became the leader, but he lost his seat and the party won no ridings.
*Peter Ferreira - Mississauga Catholic school trustee. He sought and lost the Ontario Liberal nomination for the riding of Mississauga South. He was the Ontario NDP candidate for Davenport in the 2007 election.
*Marvin Gordon - Quit the Liberal Party after he lost nomination. Later was an NDP candidate for municipal elections.
*Pauline Jewett - Liberal MP from 1963 to 1965. Quit party over the implementation of the War Measures Act in 1970. Moved to British Columbia and sat as an NDP MP from 1979 to 1988.
*Jack Layton - Former head of the Liberal Party Quebec Youth Wing; joined the NDP in the 1970s. Now Federal NDP Leader.
*Denis L'Homme - Quebec Liberal MNA, was nominated as the federal NDP candidate in Levis-Bellechasse for the 40th Canadian General Election [ [ Layton présente un nouveau candidat à Lévis | Actualités | Cyberpresse ] ]
*Alexa McDonough - Worked for the Nova Scotia Liberals in the 1970 provincial election. Was disappointed by the Gerald Regan government and switched to the NDP to work on the 1974 federal election campaign of her father Lloyd Shaw. Subsequently ran for the NDP, became provincial NDP leader in 1980 and federal leader in the 1990s.
*Thomas Mulcair - former Quebec Liberal environment minister, later became the NDP MP for Outremont
*Gordon Wilson - former BC Liberal Leader ; Was defeated in a snap BC liberal leadership contest because of him having a committing Adultery with a fellow liberal MLA. He left to start his own party, the Progressive Democratic Alliance, winning his own seat. He later joined the NDP and ran for its leadership. He lost the leadership race and his seat in 2001.

*- Federal Liberal Riding Executive & volunteers of "Brampton-Springdale" Riding [CTV News] ] ["Would-be Liberal candidates cry foul", Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 10 May 2004, A4.] [Katherine Harding, "Party infighting plagues riding", Globe and Mail, 8 June 2004, A6.]
*- Federal Liberal Riding Executive & volunteers of "Hamilton East" Riding
*- Tony Luk, former head of Liberal Party of Canada Chinese committee [CBC National, June 2004]

Liberals to Greens

*Valerie Powell - Green Party of Canada candidate for Simcoe North for the 40th General Election.
*Steven Fishman - former provincial Liberal candidate in Simcoe—Grey announced in 2008 that he is supporting the federal Greens. []
*Jack MacDougall, former Executive Director of New Brunswick Liberals, became Green Party Maritimes Organizer in 2008. []
*Blair Wilson - elected as a Liberal MP in 2006, left the Liberal caucus after being accused of financial impropriety, joined the Green Party on August 30, 2008 becoming its first ever Member of Parliament.

Liberals to Bloc

*Gilles Rocheleau - Hull-Aylmer, elected as a Liberal in 1988, than switched to the Bloc, and lost under the Bloc banner in 1993

Liberals to Others

*René Lévesque - Quebec Liberal MNA and Cabinet minister, quit in 1967 to become an independent MNA, co-founded the Parti Québécois in 1968.
*Donald Pennell - Ontario Liberal Party candidate in 1975 election, first leader of the Family Coalition Party in 1987.
*Lea Russell - Alberta Liberal Party candidate, 1986 provincial election, ran for the National Party in 1993 federal election.

Liberals to none/No Public Support/Multi-Party Support

*Sheila Copps - former Liberal MP/MPP, cabinet minister and Liberal Leadership Candidate. She has spoken at a Green Party fundraiser in Toronto and has endorsed NDP candidate Wayne Marston in her own riding of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek.

New Democratic Party

CCF/NDP to Liberal

*Jeremy Akerman - Former Nova Scotia NDP Leader & MLA; Switched to Liberals, ran in a Nova Scotia Provicinal By election for them
*Sandra Romano Anthony - NDP candidate in 2004 and 2006 for York West, switched to the Liberals in 2007
*Hazen Argue - CCF MP 1945-1961, CCF leader 1960-1961, lost the NDP leadership in 1961, and out of bitterness later that year joined the liberals as an MP from 61-63. As a Senator, he was part of the Trudeau Cabinet (80-82) when no Liberals MPs were elected west of Winnipeg. He was a liberal senator from 1966 to 1988 when charges for fraud were brought against him, but he died before they could be brought to trial.
*Chris Axworthy – Former NDP MP in 80s, and MLA/Cabinet Minister for Saskatchewan NDP in 90’s, and Saskatchewan NDP leadership candidate in 2000, running for Federal Liberals in 2004 election
*Bill Barlee – former NDP MLA/Cabinet Minister in B.C., Federal Liberal Candidate in 2000 election for Kootenay-Boundary-Okanagan (Source - Public Record ; Elections Canada)
*Joan Beatty - former Saskatchewan NDP MLA and Cabinet Minister, later became the Liberal Candidate for Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River in the 2008 by-election. [ [ 47003-Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River ] ]
*Shirley Chan – former NDP aide to former NDP premier Mike Harcourt, Federal Liberal Candidate for 2004 election (Sources - Liberal 2004 Election Commercials)
*True Davidson - former Mayor of East York, was a CCF candidate a few times, but later became in Liberal in the 1970s
*Ujjal Dosanjh - Former NDP Premier of B.C. / Liberal MP Surrey? 2004+ - He was appointed by Paul Martin to be a candidate. When asked why he quit, he said that the provincial New Democrats in B.C., and the Federal Liberals both had his same views.
*Tarek Fateh - Prominent NDP organizer and past candidate became a Liberal in 2006. [ [] ]
*Eric Fairclough - former Yukon NDP Leader and Yukon NDP MLA switched to the Liberals in 2006.
*Kevin Flynn - Liberal MPP Oakville, ran for Ontario NDP in 1985 in Oakville.
*Eugene Forsey - founding member and long-time organizer of the CCF, president of the CCF in Quebec and a federal CCF candidate in Ottawa in 1948 and 1949. Left shortly after the creation of the NDP in 1961 because of the new party's view on Quebec. Appointed to the Senate as a Liberal in 1970.
*Rosemary Godin - NDP MLA in Nova Scotia Sackville-Beaver Bank 1998-1999, ran provincially for Liberals in Dartmouth North in 2003.
*Greg Gogan - 1993 National Party candidate for Scarborough West, 2004 NDP candidate for Scarborough Centre, later sought the Liberal nomination for Scarborough Southwest
*Dave Haggard - former Union Executive, & NDP Member/Organizer, who ran for the Liberals 2004
*Barbara Hall - former Mayor of Toronto, ran for Ontario NDP in 1985 in St. David riding of Toronto
*Elijah Harper - Manitoba NDP MLA for Rupertsland 1981-1992, Liberal MP for Churchill 1993-1997. He did not quit the NDP, but wanted to become the MP, but the incumbent did not want to quit, so he ran for the liberals.
*Norman Jamison - Ontario NDP MPP Norfolk 1990-1995, website says he's a liberal
*Rick Laliberte - Elected for NDP in 1997 for Churchill River, switched to Liberals just before 2000 election, in Sept 2000. He won, but later was expelled over charing his expense accounts over $100,000, became an independent, losing in 2004.
*Laurier Lapierre - co-host of This Hour Has Seven Days, NDP candidate in 1968, later Liberal Senator and the first openly Gay Senator in Canada
*Anthony Lupusella - Ontario NDP MPP 1975-1986 for Dovercourt, switched to Liberals from 1986-1990 after losing the NDP nomination for the riding.
*Paul MacEwan - Nova Scotia NDP MLA in 1970's, Ran 4 times as NDP (1967-1970-1974-1978), once as Indp (1981), then he started the Cape Breaton Labour Party to create a new province and ran once (1984), then again as Indp (1988), then 3 times as a Liberal. (1993-1998-1999)
*Giorgio Mammoliti - Ontario NDP MPP for Yorkview 1990-1995, Toronto City Councillor 1997-now, slowly became alienated from the NDP, and as he moved towards right wing liberals (eg. Liberals for Tory, John Tory Mayor campaign, instead of liberal Barbara Hall). He has recently become the butt of jokes from the local alternative weekly newspapers in Toronto.
*Gary McRobb - Yukon NDP MLA switched to the Liberals in May 2006.
*Glen Murray - former Mayor of Winnipeg, originally a New Democrat but ran for the Liberals in 2004 federal election.
*John Nunziata ; A York City Councillor at the time, He quit the NDP after losing the NDP nomination for the 1982 York South by-election to Ontario NDP leader-elect Bob Rae.
*Jackie Pement - former BC NDP Cabinet Minister, gave vocal support to Gordon Campbell (Source - BC Liberals 2001 Election Website)
*Elmore Philpott - left the Liberals to join the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation in the 1930s becoming Ontario CCF President. Left the party to become an independent, moved to British Columbia and was elected a Liberal MP from 1953 to 1957.
*Bob Rae - left the NDP in 2002, citing Svend Robinson's "behavior" towards Israel ("National Post"); subsequently ran as a candidate in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2006.
*David Ramsay - Ontario NDP MPP Timiskaming 1985-1986 / Ontario Liberal MPP Timiskaming 1986-2000, and Ontario Liberal MPP Timiskaming/Cochrane 2000+ - He was elected as an NDP MPP in 1985 when Ontario elected a Liberal Minority Government, and he became a member of the joint party cabinet. In 1986 he switched to the Peterson Liberals. As of 2006, he is currently the Ontario Minister for Northern Resources.
*Tony Sanchez - Civil Servant and active in the Winnipeg Filipino community, sought the Federal NDP nomination for Winnipeg North Centre in the 1993 election, but lost. Ran as a Manitoba Liberal candidate in the 2003 provincial election.
*Reid Scott - Ontario CCF MPP for Beaches (Toronto) from 1948 to 1952 and NDP MP for Danforth from 1962 to 1968 joined the Liberal Party in 2008 at the age of 82. [Delacourt, Susan, [ Six decades later, New Democrat set to become a Liberal] , "Toronto Star", July 12, 2008]
*Paul Summerville - Prominent economist, NDP star candidate in 2006 election in St. Paul's, left NDP to support Bob Rae's leadership bid.
*W. Ross Thatcher - Former CCF (NDP) MP in Saskatchewan, became a Liberal, and later Premier of Saskatchewan for the Liberals
*Peter Trites - NDP MLA Saint John's Champlain 1984by-1987 (Switch to Liberals for 1987 election, NDP Lost)
*Pierre Trudeau - former Prime Minister of Canada, was outraged by then Liberal Leader/Prime Minister Lester Pearson flip flop on Canada becoming a Nuclear Power, he endorsed the NDP and was an organizer for NDP candidate Charles Taylor, a University Professor/Philosopher.
*Dan Waters - Ontario NDP MPP Muskoka-Georgian Bay 1990-1995, ran for Ontario Liberals 2003 in Parry Sound-Muskoka
*Stephen Zaretski - Farmer, former Manitoba NDP candidate, ran for the Manitoba Liberal Leadership and as a candidate

New Democratic Party members who left to start their own parties

*Sidney Green - Winnipeg Lawyer, Manitoba NDP MLA in the 60's/70's, ran for Manitoba NDP leadership in 1969 as the radical leftist candidate, In 1979 he declared at an NDP convention, claiming "the trade union movement and militant feminists" had taken control of the party. In 1981 he started the Progressive Party of Manitoba with 2 other NDP MLAs Ben Hanuschak and Bud Boyce.
*Ted W. Kulp - former NDP candidate, founder and only candidate of the Forward Canada Party in the 1997 Federal Election.
*James Laxer - Runner-up at the 1971 NDP federal leadership convention and leader of The Waffle with Mel Watkins, left the NDP with the Waffle in 1972 to form the Movement for an Independent Socialist Canada as an independent party. Rejoined the NDP in the 1980s.
*Paul MacEwan - Nova Scotia NDP MLA in 1970s, Ran 4 times as NDP (1967-1970-1974-1978), once as Indp (1981), then He started the Cape Breaton Labour Party to create a new province and ran once (1984), then again as Indp (1988), then 3 times as a Liberal. (1993-1998-1999)
*Murdoch MacKay - Manitoba NDP President in the 1970s, left to co-found the Progressive Party of Manitoba.

New Democratic Party to none/No Public Support

*Buzz Hargrove CAW president and long-time NDP supporter, expelled from the NDP in 2006 after endorsing several Liberal candidates since 1999.
*Canadian Auto Workers disaffiliated from the NDP following Buzz Hargrove's expulsion.
*David Miller long-time NDP Toronto city councillor and federal and provincial NDP candidate. Elected mayor of Toronto while an NDP member in 2004. Allowed NDP membership to lapse in 2007.

New Democratic Party to Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance)

*Brian Ashton - Toronto City Councillor, former NDPer who lost the nomination for the NDP in a Scarborough riding, and later became a Red Tory.
*Garry Breitkreuz - Conservative MP, was a former New Democratic Party member and supporter [ [ babble: What is it with these Sask NDPers??? ] ]
*Dennis Fentie - Premier of Yukon / Former Yukon NDP MLA - He quit the NDP and a few months later became Premier of the Yukon for the right wing Yukon Party. (Source - CBC News, Yukon Election coverage)
*Peter Fenwick - Former Newfoundland NDP leader, & 1st NDP elected to Newfoundland Assembly in 1984. He ran for the Canadian Alliance in 2000.
*Peter John North - NDP MPP Elgin 1990-1993, became Indp after trying to become a PC party member but instead being rebuffed by Mike Harris's PCs, re-elected in 1995.
*Frank Syms - former Manitoba NDP President, strategist, past NDP candidate, became a Conservative in the 1980s, running for the Manitoba PC in 1988
*Carol Teichrob - former Saskatchewan NDP MLA and Cabinet Minister, now Conservative Party supporter [ [ Vote for Kelly Block - Saskatoon - Rosetown - Biggar ] ]
*Angela Vautour - 1st elected as an NDP MP in New Brunswick in 1997, switched to the PCs in sept 1999. She lost her riding to a liberal in 2000. Ran again for the New Conservatives in 2004. (Source - Public Records ; Elections Canada)

New Democratic Party to Greens

*Dan Biocchi - Green Party Candidate in 2004 for Ottawa-Orleans. He was a former NDP member and the Executive Assistant to former NDP MP Cid Samson. [ CPAC Campaign Politics 2004 Ottawa Orleans riding] [ ]
*Mike Clancy - Civil Servant, Ontario NDP candidate for Kenora in the 1995 provincial election. He was the Green Party candidate for the riding of Brant in the 2003 provincial election.
*Lloyd Greenspoon – NDP Candidate in 1988 federal election for Algoma Manitoulin, now in the Green Party executive for that riding. [ [ Algoma-Manitoulin ] ]
*Peter Ittinuar - former NDP MP for Nunavut, Green Party candidate for Nunavut in the 2008 federal election.
*Catharine Johannson - President of the New Democratic Youth of Canada in 1997, she was a Manitoba Green Party candidate in 2003 and serves on the Federal Green Party Council.
*Joan Johannson - Social Worker, former Manitoba NDP candidate in 1981 and 1990. Ran for the Green Party in 2003.
*Mike Kenny - former Ontario NDP candidate in the 2007 provincial election. Now with the Young Greens of Canada.
*Claudia Rodriguez - former Ontario NDP candidate in the 2007 provincial election. Now with the Young Greens of Canada.
*Len Sawatsky - former federal and Manitoba NDP candidate. Ran for the Green Party in the 2008 federal election in Winnipeg Centre. []
*Allan Douglas Strong - Social Worker, Federal NDP candidate in the 2000 Federal Election. He ran for the Green Party of Ontario in 2003.
*Nick Ternette - Former New Democrat who started a Green party to contest the Winnipeg Municipal Elections in 1989.
*Ted Warren - Journalist, former NDP candidate, Green Party candidate in the 2008 federal election in St. John's South-Mt. Pearl [ ]
*Shodja Ziaian - Glendon College professor, federal NDP candidate for Don Valley East in 1997, recently a member of the Green Party of Canada's shadow cabinet []

New Democratic Party to Social Credit

*Frank Calder - Longtime BC NDP MLA , switched to SoCred in 1975. He lost by 1 vote to NDP candidate Al Passerall in 1979.
* Al Passerall - BC NDP MLA for Atlin crossed to Social Credit in 1985

Green Party

Greens to New Democratic Party

*Daniel Breton; co-founder and former leader of the Parti Vert in Quebec, joined NDP and is its nominated candidate in Jeanne—Le Ber for the next federal election in 2008.
*Richard Hennick ; Founding member of Green Party 1983, federal Green candidate 1984, ran(Mission-Port Moody, BC), provincial Green candidate 1996 (Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows BC). NDP candidate in Don Valley East in 2006 federal election.
*Joan Russow ; Former leader of the Green Party of Canada 1997-2001. Joined NDP in Sept 2003.
*Gretchen Schwarz ; Former Chair for Green Party of Canada. NDP Candidate in Pontiac, Quebec in 2004 federal election.
* Julian West ; Provincial Green candidate in 2001, Green Party activist until 2003, switched to NDP and running in Saanich-Gulf Islands in next election.

Greens to Liberals

*Kate Holloway - former long-time Green Party member and candidate, switched to Liberals in late 2006 and was a Liberal candidate in the 2007 Ontario provincial election.
*Tom Manley - former Deputy Leader of Green Party, candidate in 2004 election, Liberals recruited him to run in Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry in 2006 federal election.
*Dana L. Miller - Liberal candidate for the 40th federal election. Former Green Party candidate in 2004 and member of the Green Party of Canada shadow cabinet. []
*Rob Newman - former Green, ran for Toronto City Council in 2006, switched to Liberals in late 2006
*Briony Penn - former long-time Green Party member, now the Liberal candidate for Saanich-Gulf Islands [ [ Dipper Chick ] ]

Bloc Québécois

Bloc to Tories (Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives/Canadian Alliance)

*Jean Landry - Bloc MP elected 1993 for Lotbinere, he ran as an independent in 1997 losing badly. He ran as a Conservative in 2004 coming in 2nd (20,000 to 10,000)
*Nic LeBlanc - PC MP 1984-1992 for Longueuil, than become Bloc MP 1992-1997. Ran for Canadian Alliance in 2000, and Conservatives in 2004

Bloc to Liberals

*Robert Lanctôt - Bloc MP turned Liberal MP in 2003 and lost in 2004.
*Jean Lapierre - Liberal MP, who co-founded the Bloc Québécois and sat as a Bloc MP. He later rejoined the Liberal Party and served as a cabinet minister. [ ]

Bloc to Other

*Ghislain Lebel - former Bloc MP, left the party to set as an independent, voted for and offered himself as a candidate for the ADQ in the 2007 Quebec Election, joined the Parti indépendantiste in 2008.


ocial Credit to Liberals

*Horace Andrew (Bud) Olson - Social Credit MP (1957-1958, 1962-1968), re-elected as a Liberal in 1968.
*Marcel Lessard - Social Credit MP 1962-1963, elected as a Liberal in 1968.

ocial Credit to Progressive Conservative

*Robert N. Thompson - Social Credit leader from 1961 to 1967, re-elected as a Progressive Conservative in 1968.

Communists to all others

*Gilles Duceppe - Bloc Québécois leader, was in the Workers' Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) as a youth.
*Roland Penner - Labour-Progressive Party candidate as a youth in 1953. Was elected for the Manitoba NDP in 1980 and served as a provincial cabinet minister.
*Paula Fletcher - Communist Party candidate in the 1980s, now an NDP affiliated city councillor in Toronto.
*Robert Laxer - Labour-Progressive Party organizer in the 1950s, left in 1956 and subsequently joined the New Democratic Party becoming a leader of The Waffle tendency.
*A. A. MacLeod - Labour-Progressive MPP in the Ontario legislature in the 1940s and 1950s. Subsequently became an advisor to the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.
*Judy Darcy - former NDP candidate and head of CUPE, member of Workers' Communist Party in youth.


*Jan Brown - Reform MP for Calgary Southeast Jan Brown became a PC in June 1997.
*Mel Hurtig - Former Federal Liberal Candidate in Alberta (Edmonton West) in 1972, started National Party to stop free trade.

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*List of Canadian politicians who have crossed the floor


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* [ Members of the House of Commons who Crossed the Floor of the House of Commons or who Changed Parties (Parliament of Canada)]

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