Slave (disambiguation)

Slave (disambiguation)

A slave is a person whose labor is exploited through slavery

Slave may also refer to:
* "Slave" is African-American slang for "job".
* Slave bell, a brass bell used to regulate slavery at the Cape Colony
* The Slave craton, an Archaean land mass in northwest Canada
* Slave ship, a specially converted cargo ship for transporting slaves
* Slave station, either a station used to traffic slaves, or a technical device that synchronizes to a master station
* Slave (BDSM), a form of sexual and consensual submission
* Slave clock, in technology, a clock or timer that synchronizes to a master clock
* Master/Slave, in technology, a relationship between two or more devices or assemblies in which one device, the "master", controls the operation of the other, the "slave"
** Master-slave manipulator, the original remote manipulator design, still used in high activity hot cells and a cliché for the nuclear industry in motion pictures
* Master cylinder and Slave cylinder in a hydraulically-controlled clutch system or brake system on a vehicle
* Slave (band), a 1970s funk band
* Slave (Blake's 7), a fictional computer from the British science fiction television series "Blake's 7"
* President (game), "slave", a card game
* Slave I, a spacecraft in the Star Wars universe, used by Boba Fett
* "Slave", a song by the Rolling Stones featured on thei 1981 album "Tattoo You".
*"Slave," a song by Weezer from their 2002 album "Maladroit"
*"Slave" a 1997 song by Australian Grunge Band Silverchair from their album "Freak Show"
* GWAR slaves, certain members of GWAR
* "Slave" (pronounced "slave-ee"): an alternative spelling of Slavey (see below)
*"The Slave" - A book by Isaac Bashevis Singer
*The Slave (album) an album by heavy metal band Black Tears
*"The Slave (film)", a 1917 film starring Oliver Hardy

ee also

* Slavey, the name of an indigenous group in North America and its language, the Slavey language; sometimes spelled "Slave"

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