Malaysian State Roads system

Malaysian State Roads system

Malaysian state roads (Malay: Sistem Laluan Negeri Malaysia) are the secondary roads in Malaysia. The construction of state roads in Malaysia are funded by Malaysian Public Works Department (JKR) of each states. The standard of state roads are similar with the federal roads except for the coding system, where the codes for state roads begin with state codes followed by route number, for example Johor State Route J32 is labeled as J32Jkr-ft--.png. If a state road crosses the state border, the state code will change, for example route


Jkr-ft--.png in Salak Tinggi, Selangor will change to


Jkr-ft--.png after crossing the border of Negeri Sembilan to Nilai.

List of state codes in Malaysian State Roads system

Common state road signboard in Malaysia at Bestari Jaya (now Batang Berjuntai), Selangor.
  • A--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Perak
  • B--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Selangor
  • C--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Pahang
  • D--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Kelantan
  • J--Jkr-ft--.png - Johor
  • K--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Kedah
  • M--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Melaka
  • N--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Negeri Sembilan
  • P--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Penang
  • R--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Perlis
  • SA--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Sabah
  • T--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Terrengganu
  • Q--
    Jkr-ft--.png - Sarawak

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