Flat Display Mounting Interface

Flat Display Mounting Interface

The Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI), also known as VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) or colloquially as VESA mount, is a family of standards defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association for mounting flat panel monitors, TVs, and other displays to stands or wall mounts. [http://www.vesa.org/Standards/summary/2006_2.htm Flat Display Mounting Interface Standard (FDMI)] , 1.0 Revision 1, VESA-2006-2, Video Electronics Standards Association, January 2006.] It is implemented on most modern flat-panel monitors and TVs.

The first standard in this family was introduced in 1997 and was originally called Flat Panel Monitor Physical Mounting Interface (FPMPMI).


The original VESA mount (MIS-D) consisted of four screws arranged in a square, with the horizontal and vertical distance between the screw centers being 100 mm. This is still the most commonly used configuration for desktop computer displays. A 75 mm × 75 mm layout was defined for smaller displays.

The MIS-D screw holes have an M4 thread and are typically 10 mm deep. Appropriate fasteners (typically ~10 mm long) are often supplied with the mount rather than the display, but they are also easily available from many hardware stores.

The FDMI was extended in 2006 with a collection of additional screw patterns that are more appropriate for larger TV screens.


Examples of the full identification of a particular FDMI variant look like:VESA MIS-D, 100, C:VESA MIS-F, 200, 200, 6where
* the letter after MIS- identifies the part of the standard used, e.g.
** part B, C, D, E for flat displays with 10–78 cm diagonal
** part F for flat displays with 79–230 cm diagonal
* for part D, a number identifies the 75 mm and 100 mm variants (100 or 75),
* for part F, a number pair identifies the maximum width and height of the mounting-hole pattern,
* for parts B–E, a final letter identifies the interface location on the flat display as center (C), top (T), bottom (B), left (L), right (R), top and bottom (T/B), or left and right (L/R),
* for part F, a final digit distinguishes between 10 mm deep M6 mounting holes (6) and 15 mm deep M8 holes (8).


In addition to mounting-hole patterns, the standard also specifies requirements for the location of cable exits. Manufacturers of FDMI compliant devices can license the use of a hexagonal "VESA mounting compliant" logo. [http://www.vesa.org/Certification/VESA_MOUNT_LIC.pdf VESA mounting compliance – trademark licence agreement] ]


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