Bainite is a phase that exists in steel microstructures after certain heat treatments. First described by Davenport E. S. and Edgar Bain, it is one of the decomposition products that may form when austenite (the face centered cubic crystal structure of iron) is cooled past a critical temperature of 723 °C (about 1333 °F). Davenport and Bain originally described the microstructure as being similar in appearance to tempered martensite.

A fine non-lamellar structure, bainite commonly consists of ferrite, carbide, and retained austenite. In these cases it is similar in constitution to pearlite, but with the ferrite forming by a displacive mechanism similar to martensite formation, usually followed by precipitation of carbides from the supersaturated ferrite or austenite.

The temperature range for transformation to bainite is between those for pearlite and martensite. When formed during continuous cooling, the cooling rate to form bainite is higher than that required to form pearlite, but lower than that to form martensite, in steel of the same composition.

The microstructures of martensite and bainite at first seem quite similar; this is a consequence of the two phases sharing many aspects of their transformation mechanisms. However, morphological differences do exist on the resolution level of the TEM and can be used in microstructural evaluation. Under a simple light microscope, the microstructure of bainite appears dark (i.e., it has low reflectability).

Bainite is generally stronger but less ductile than pearlite.

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