Group of 184

Group of 184

The Group of 184 is a group of Haitian individuals and organizations in a variety of sectors, ranging from business and the economy to media and education, who are united in opposition to Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his Fanmi Lavalas party. The name springs from the supposeded total number of organizations in this group, and is frequently shortened to G184. It was created with the specific intent to end democratic government in Haiti. It is led by André Apaid, an American of Haitian descent.


The Washington DC organization Haiti Democracy Project (HDP) is a nonprofit thinktank created by Haitian-Americans to create "more proactive and effective U.S. policy toward Haiti." It views the government of Aristide as corrupt and ineffective. [] This view has resulted in allegations that the HDP created G184, which have been refuted by the HDP director, James R. Morrell. [ "Dollars & Sense" [ Letter to the Editor] March/April 2004.]

It has been alleged repeatedly that G184 was developed by the American International Republican Institute to engineer an anti-Aristide coup. [ Joshua Kurlantzick. "Mother Jones" [ "The Coup Connection"] Nov/Dec 2004.] [Max Blumenthal. "" [ The Other Regime Change] July 16, 2004.]

Associated Groups

All members of Haiti's Initiative de la Societe Civile (ISC) group are members of the Group of 184. The European Commission worked with the ISC from 2001 to 2003 on a Human Rights and Democracy project, and donated 773,000 Euros annually during that period of time. The EC donation was dispersed among groups in Haiti that the ISC designated "human rights groups". Of the fourteen groups that received donations, seven were members of G184. ["Haiti Support Group" [ "European Union funding for members of the Group of 184"] 11 November 2003.]


*2002, December - date of the alleged creation of G184 by the HDP. [Kevin Pina. [ "The Bush Administration's Endgame for Haiti, Part Three"] . December 14, 2003.]
*2003, January 23 - Port-au-Prince - G184 calls a general strike, however only upper and middle class businesses participate in the strike.
*2003, November 14 - Port-au-Prince - G184 led an anti-Aristide demonstration outside the national palace but were outnumbered by Aristide supporters. Tear gas was used by Haitian police to disperse the groups, and two Group of 184 members were arrested for weapons possession. The actions of the Haitian police cause the event to be portrayed internationally as evidence of Aristide's tyrannical rule.
*2003, December 11 - Port-au-Prince - G184 and the Democratic Convergence opposition front led a march to the capital. Aristide supporters feared a coup attempt and gathered at the palace. The marchers did try to break through the palace barriers but were repulsed by teargas. This was also viewed in the US as repression of the right to protest in Haiti, and on December 12th the US Embassy withdrew from Haiti.
*2004, January 16 - Port-au-Prince - G184 led a demonstration outside the UN headquarters, urging the UN to increase security measures in the capital.
*2004, February 29 - Port-au-Prince - Aristide is removed from power in Haiti, accomplishing G184's primary objective.
*2005, July 6 - Port-au-Prince - Due to continued G184 pressue on the UN to increase its police actions, a raid is carried out on the neighborhood of Cite Soleil and 23 civilians are killed.


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*U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Resource Information Center. Subject: [ Haiti: Information on Members of the Group of 184] February 13, 2004.

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