Pasquale Carpino

Pasquale Carpino
Pasquale Carpino
Born 1936
Calabria, Italy
Died December 30, 2005(2005-12-30) (aged 69)
Toronto, Ontario
Cooking style Italian

Pasquale Carpino (1936 – December 30, 2005) was a popular television chef in Toronto, Ontario and an operatic singer.


Early life

Born in the southern Italian community of Cosenza, Calabria in 1936, Pasquale immigrated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1958 at the age of 22, arriving alone with only a few dollars in his pocket. He was intensely passionate about music, most specifically Opera. Pasquale met his wife Evelina, a Soprano Singer of Italian descent, in 1964. They had two daughters together, Beatrice and Lisa.

Cooking career

Pasquale began his career in cooking as a dishwasher and prepcook at several restaurants located around the city of Toronto. With his dedication and talent for food, Chef Pasquale eventually became a chef and later a restaurateur. While continuing to progress his cooking career Pasquale studied opera at the Royal Conservatory of Music.


Pasquale's original cooking show was played on Toronto public access television in the late 1970s. Later Pasquale was the host of popular cooking shows in the 1980s and early 1990s by the names of Pasquale's Kitchen and Pasquale's Kitchen Express. His trademark outfit was a blue smock, a white necktie and a red chef's toque. The show was focused around the colourful Pasquale engaging the audience in his cooking while singing at the same time. The food prepared on the show was for the most part Italian, usually consisting of an appetizer, entree, and dessert. The episode would usually end with Pasquale being the gracious host pouring wine and serving his delicious dinner to a lucky audience member.


Pasquale put out four cook books, La Cucina di Pasquale with Judith Drynan in 1980, Pasquale's Kitchen Express Cookbook Volume one and two in 1990 and Today's Cooking with Chef Pasquale in 1999.


Pasquale's fame is due greatly to the fact that he was one of the first celebrity chefs in Canada. Known as the Singing Chef, Pasquale once said :[1]

If I sing when I cook, the food is going to be happy.

Pasquale Carpino died December 30, 2005 of complications from surgery.[2]

Pasquale's Kitchen Express continue on as re-runs on OMNI.1 and Citytv in Toronto.


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