Infobox Legislature Historic
name = Volkskammer

entity = German Democratic Republic (East Germany)
type = Unicameral
houses = 1
members = 400
location = Palast der Republik
year = 1949
year2 = 1991
before = Reichstag
after = Bundestag
notes = A legislature in name only, actual legislating was done by the SED's Politburo

The Volkskammer ("People's Chamber") was the unicameral legislature of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). From its founding in 1949 until the first free elections on 18 March 1990, all members of the "Volkskammer" were elected on a slate controlled by the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), called the National Front. Despite the appearance of a multi-party system, all opposition parties were effectively controlled by the dominant SED. In addition, seats were also allocated to various mass organizations affiliated with the SED, such as the Free German Youth.

On paper, the "Volkskammer" had great power, appointing the Councils of State and Ministers, and the Chairman of the National Defence Council. However, the "Volkskammer" had little real power, and parties were expected to respect democratic centralism, with the most dissent in voting ever shown by Parliament to the SED were fourteen nays and eight abstentions on the part of CDU representatives in a vote on liberalising abortion law.

A typical slate was as follows:

Socialist Unity Party of GermanySED127
Free German Trade Union FederationFDGB68
Christian Democratic UnionCDU52
Liberal Democratic Party of GermanyLDPD52
Democratic Farmers' Party of GermanyDBD52
National Democratic Party of GermanyNDPD52
Free German YouthFDJ50
Democratic Women's League of GermanyDFD35
Cultural Association of the DDRKB22

In 1976, the "Volkskammer" moved into a specially-constructed building on Marx-Engels-Platz (now Schloßplatz again), the Palast der Republik (Palace of the Republic).

After the 1990 elections, the disposition of the parties was as follows

Alliance for GermanyCDU, DA, DSU192
Social Democratic Party of GermanySPD88
Party of Democratic SocialismPDS, former SED66
Association of Free DemocratsDFP, FDP, LDP21
Alliance 90B9012
East German Green Party and Independent Women's AssociationGrüne, UFV8
National Democratic Party of GermanyNDPD2
Democratic Women's League of GermanyDFD1
United LeftVL1

Chairmen of the People's Chamber

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* [http://www.archive.org/details/ASuccessfulPolicySearedtotheNeedsofthePeople "A Successful Policy Seared to the Needs of the People" "Deliberations" of the "Volkskammer" on nuclear disarmament, 1981.]

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