The Grogs

The Grogs

The Grogs is a Canadian puppet company troupe best known for their work in the CBC Television children's television show "Nanalan'".

The Grogs or Grogs Inc. were founded by Jamie Shannon and Jason Hopley in 1994 in Toronto, Ontario. As a puppet troupe they are unique as they design and mould their puppets and sets as part of the creative process for writing, directing and performing in their television shows. They are present in the process from pre-production to post-production with the help of their partner Jack Lenz from Lenz Entertainment.

In addition to "Nanalan'", their other work has included "Swami Jeff's Temple of Wisdom" (Zed TV), "The Grogs", "Warren, Filth, Gidian, Iffer, Sorbet, Jasper and Cupcake", "Al's Tales of the Tank" and "It's Alive!" for YTV, and most recently "Mr. Meaty" for Nickelodeon and the CBC.


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