Rieger Tuning

Rieger Tuning

Rieger, full name: Rieger Tuning Kfz-Kunststoffteile Design und Tuning GmbH, are a German based tuning and bodykit manufacturer. They are based in Eggenfelden.

Rieger Tuning was founded by Toni Rieger twenty years ago. Rieger Tuning specializes in the development,
production, and distribution of sport vehicle accessories. The main focus being on body styling with the development and distribution of aerodynamic parts for the vehicles of predominantly European manufacture.

Since inception Rieger has grown from a one-man operation into a Tuning Corporation with a 29 full time employeesand approximately 15 part time employees.

Rieger Tuning has also expanded its worldwide distribution network during the past few years.The volume of foreign trade is presently over 60 percent of sales. From Australia to Zaire! The worldwide interest in Rieger Tuning parts speaks to the exclusiveness and quality of their manufactured parts.

The new corporate headquarters for Rieger Tuning in Germany is located an hours drive east of Munich.Currently a convert|67000|sqft|m2|abbr=on building sits on their five acre site. Their convert|10000|sqft|m2|abbr=on showroom has always on display fifteen to twenty of the earliest to the latest models of premium Rieger tuned vehicles. Add to this another dozen tuned cars owned by employees and there is always something to admire…

A seven bay fully equipped installation facility allows ample opportunity to work out every last detail of fitment so that when they send their products around the world they already have much experience fitting the products theirselves which results in comprehensive installation instructions accompanying each product.

Something which sets Rieger apart from many tuning companies is the process of design,production and sale all being completed under the same roof.

New ideas are originated by the design and sales teams,deemed feasible or not by the shop team with the final say left to Toni Rieger. After the idea follows the model and tool fabrication, which again is all completed in-house. Production of the ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic components is then carried out on the new automatic vacuum thermoforming machine.The pre-cut blank of the finished ABS component is processed by the CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines which guarantees an exact fit to the vehicle.

The large warehouse allows nearly 95% of all Rieger parts to be available for immediate delivery. A new production and warehouse with nearly convert|73000|sqft|m2|abbr=on was built in 2003.

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