In Norse mythology, Skíðblaðnir (the name can be anglicized as "Skídbladnir", "Skídhbladhnir" or "Skíthblathnir") is the ship of Freyr. The ship was made by Dvalin and his brothers, dwarves and sons of Ívaldi. It was made at the request of Loki, and was given to Freyr as part of Loki's reparation for the theft of Sif's golden hair. The ship was big enough to hold the whole of the host of Asgard, and whenever the sails were hoisted, a fair wind followed. It could travel over both land and sea. According to the Ynglinga saga, Skíðblaðnir was made by so many parts and with such ingenuity that it could be folded like a cloth and carried in one's pouch.

Other ships with this name

*The world's oldest paddle steamer in scheduled service, "Skibladner", takes its name from this ship.
* "Skidbladnir" is the title of submarine used in the French animated series "Code Lyoko".
*"Skidbladnir" is also the name of a fictional space cruiser in the Halo extended universe.

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