Auger (disambiguation)

Auger (disambiguation)

Auger can refer to:
*Auger, a device for moving material or liquid by means of a rotating helical flighting
*Auger shell, a gray or brown shell commonly found at the beach
*The Auger weapon, a rifle in the game which drills through walls.

*Arleen Auger, famous American soprano
*Brian Auger, a jazz and rock keyboardist
*Claudine Auger, a former Miss France and actress during the 1960s and onwards
*Pierre-Michel Auger, Canadian politician
*Pierre Victor Auger, a French physicist who studied cosmic rays. He gives his name to:
**Auger electron, an electron released from an atom via Auger emission
**Auger electron spectroscopy, a materials analysis technique
**The Pierre Auger Observatory, an international cosmic ray observatory

ee also

*Augur, a type of priest in Ancient Rome

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