Electronic Press Kit

Electronic Press Kit

An Electronic Press Kit (or "EPK") is a press kit equivalent in electronic form. In business, electronic press kits are more commonly referred to as online or electronic media kits. They are used to promote artists and businesses via mass media.


An EPK can be distributed through one of the following media:
* CD
* Video or audio cassettes
* The Internet (e.g. E-mail, WWW, newsgroups, etc.)
* USB Flash Drive

EPK Components

Music industry EPK elements

Contents of an EPK depend on the industry and target audience. For instance, an EPK in the music industry might contain:
* biographical & contact information
* monochromatic, high resolution, press photos (for easy reproduction)
* music clips (with accompanying lyrics)
* stage plot
* performance requirements
* tour dates
* press reviews and interviews, etc.
* promotional videos
* contract and/or technical rider
* "RIYL" or "Recommended If You Like" list: a listing of artists of similar styles or genres
* High resolution photos or images of key executives, the company logo, products, etc.

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