Awards and decorations of the State Defense Forces

Awards and decorations of the State Defense Forces

Awards and decorations of the State Defense Forces are presented to members of the State Defense Forces in addition to regular United States military decorations and state National Guard military decorations. Each of the state governments of the United States maintains a series of decorations for issuance to members of the State Defense Forces, with such awards presented under the authority of the various State Adjutant Generals and/or respective State Defense Force commanders.

In most states, State Defense Force members may wear any regular United States military decorations and United States military decorations that they may have earned while members of the National Guard and/or while in federal active duty service. The members of some State Defense Forces may also be awarded state National Guard military decorations in addition to State Defense Force awards while serving in a State Defense Force capacity. The order of precedence for the wear of the awards are: federal, state National Guard, then State Defense Force.

Those State Defense Force members who subsequently serve in the active or reserve federal forces of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or United States Air Force (i.e., on active duty or as members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard Reserves) may not continue to wear and display such decorations on a military uniform. Active duty regulations allow their members to accept but not wear state National Guard awards.

The following is a list of State Defense Forces decorations, as issued by each of the states and territories of the United States.


Alabama State Defense Force (ASDF) Awards:

* ASDF Super Recruiter Recruiting Ribbon
* ASDF Outstanding Recruiting Ribbon
* ASDF Achievement Ribbon (Enlisted)
* ASDF Achievement Ribbon (Officer)
* ASDF Association Member Ribbon
* ASDF Alabama War Ribbon
* ASDF Commendation Ribbon
* ASDF Desert Shield/Storm Support Ribbon
* ASDF Disaster Readiness Ribbon
* ASDF Distinguished Service Ribbon
* ASDF C.E.R.T. Ribbon
* ASDF Merit Ribbon
* ASDF Meritorious Service Ribbon
* ASDF Outstanding Unit Comm. Ribbon
* ASDF Recruiting Ribbon
* ASDF Service Ribbon
* ASDF SGAUS Longevity Award Ribbon
* ASDF Unit Achievement Citation


California State Military Reserve (CA SMR) Awards: []

* CA SMR Meritorious Achievement Medal
* CA SMR Military History Medal
* CA SMR Training Excellence Ribbon
* CA SMR Enlisted Excellenve Ribbon
* CA SMR Recruiting Achievement Ribbon
* CA SMR Professional Development Ribbon
* CA SMR Mission Qualification Ribbon
* CA SMR Emergency Training Ribbon
* CA SMR Outstanding Services Ribbon
* CA SMR Volunteer Service Ribbon
* CA SMR Drill Attendance Ribbon
* CA SMR Governor's Outstanding Unit Citation


Georgia State Defense Force (GaSDF) Awards & Decorations: []

* GaSDF Medal of Valor
* GaSDF Legion of Merit (Medal)
* GaSDF Medal of Merit
* GaSDF Distinguished Service Ribbon
* GaSDF Commendation Ribbon
* GaSDF Enlisted Member of the Year Ribbon
* GaSDF Achievement Ribbon (Class 1, 2 & 3)
* GaSDF Outstanding Unit Citation Ribbon w/Gold Frame
* GaSDF Good Conduct Ribbon
* GaSDF Longevity Service Ribbon
* GaSDF State Active Duty Ribbon
* GaSDF Military Qualification Training Ribbon
* GaSDF Military Indoctrination Ribbon
* GaSDF Emergency Service School Ribbon
* GaSDF Volunteer Service Ribbon
* GaSDF Military Readiness Ribbon
* GaSDF Unit Commanders Citation Ribbon w/ Gold Frame
* GaSDF Recruiting Achievement Ribbon
* GaSDF Military Proficiency Ribbon


Indiana Guard Reserve Awards: [ [ Indiana Guard Reserve - Hoosiers serving Hoosiers ] ]

* Indiana Distinguished Service Cross (National Guard & Guard Reserve)
* Indiana Distinguished Service Medal (National Guard & Guard Reserve)
* Indiana Commendation Medal (National Guard & Guard Reserve)
* IGR Merit Medal
* IGR Distinguished Service Ribbon
* IGR Commendation Ribbon
* IGR Achievement Ribbon
* IGR JROTC Commendation Ribbon
* IGR Outstanding Recruiter Ribbon
* IGR JROTC Support Ribbon
* IGR Community Service Ribbon
* IGR Officer Professional Development Ribbon
* IGR NCO Professional Development Ribbon
* IGR Long Service Ribbon
* IGR Service Ribbon
* IGR Defense Service Ribbon
* IGR The Indiana Guard Reserve Association Ribbon
* IGR Superior Unit Citation
* IGR Medallion


*Mass Defense Service Ribbon
*Mass Defense Expeditionary Medal


* Minnesota Distinguished Service Medal
* Minnesota Medal for Valor
* Minnesota Medal for Merit
* Minnesota Commendation Medal
* Minnesota Good Conduct Ribbon
* Minnesota State Active Duty Ribbon
* Minnesota Distinguished Recruiting Ribbon
* Minnesota Service Ribbon


Mississippi State Guard (MSG) Awards:

* MSG Distinguished Service Ribbon
* MSG Meritorious Service Ribbon
* MSG Commendation Ribbon
* MSG Achievement Ribbon (Officer)
* MSG Achievement Ribbon (Enlisted)
* MSG Service Ribbon
* MSG Merit Ribbon

New Mexico

New Mexico State Guard (NMSG) Awards:

* NMSG Unit Citation

New York

New York Guard (NYG) Awards: [ New York Guard Decorations and Awards ] ]

* NYG Meritorious Service Medal
* NYG Commendation Medal
* NYG Commander's Citation
* NYG Achievement Medal
* NYG Good Conduct Medal
* NYG Operations Support Medal
* NYG Service Ribbon
* NYG Distinguished Graduate Ribbon
* NYG First Provisional Regiment Medal

In addition, certain New York State decorations may be awarded to New York Guard members, as well as to members of other state military components, i.e., NY Army National Guard, NY Air National Guard and NY Naval Militia. These include:

* NYS Medal of Valor
* NYS Conspicuous Service Medal
* NYS Meritorious Service Medal
* NYS Military Commendation Medal
* NYS Long and Faithful Service Medal
* NYS Defense of Liberty Medal
* Recruiting Medal
* NYS Aid to Civil Authority Medal
* NYS Counterdrug Service Ribbon
* Humane Service to NYS Medal
* NYS Physical Fitness Ribbon


Ohio Military Reserve (OHMR) Awards:

* OHMR Medal of Valor
* OHMR Distinguished Service Medal
* OHMR Medal of Merit
* OHMR Purple Cross Medal
* OHMR Lifesaving Medal
* OHMR Commendation Award
* OHMR Achievement Award
* OHMR Search and Rescue Award
* OHMR Community Service Award
* OHMR Aid to Civil Authority Award
* OHMR Good Conduct Award
* OHMR Longevity Service Award
* OHMR Soldier of the Year Award
* OHMR Honor Graduate Award
* OHMR Officer Training Graduate Award
* OHMR NCO Training Graduate Award
* OHMR Basic Entry Level Training Graduate Award
* OHMR Physical Fitness Award
* OHMR Federal Service School Award
* OHMR Military Indoctrination Award
* OHMR Emergency Service Training Award
* OHMR Volunteer Service Award
* OHMR Military Award Readiness
* OHMR Recruiting Achievement Award
* OHMR Military Proficiency Award
* OHMR Outstanding Unit Citation Award
* OHMR Commanding General's Meritorious Unit Service Award

South Carolina

South Carolina State Guard (SCSG) Awards: []

* South Carolina Medal of Valor
* SCSG Distinguished Service Medal
* SCSG Medal of Merit
* SCSG Meritorious Service Medal
* SCSG Commendation Medal
* SCSG Home Defense Achievement Ribbon
* SCSG Individual Achievement Ribbon
* SCSG Good Conduct Ribbon
* SCSG Longevity Service Medal
* SCSG Golden Anniversary Ribbon
* SCSG Federal Service School Ribbon
* SCSG Humanitarian Service Ribbon
* SCSG Service Ribbon
* SCSG Emergency Service Training Ribbon
* SCSG Volunteer Service Ribbon
* SCSG Honors Detail Service Ribbon
* SCSG Military Readiness Ribbon
* SCSG Recruiting Achievement Ribbon
* SCSG Military Proficiency Ribbon
* South Carolina Governor's Unit Citation
* SCSG Outstanding Unit Citation
* SCSG Unit Achievement Award


Texas State Guard (TXSG) Awards: [ [ Texas State Guard (TXSG) > Awards, Medals, and Ribbons ] ]

* TXSG 3 Year Service Medal
* TXSG Commanding General’s Individual Award Ribbon
* TXSG Officer Professional Development Ribbon
* TXSG NCO Professional Development Ribbon
* TXSG Recruiting Ribbon
* TXSG Physical Fitness Ribbon
* TXSG Meritorious Unit Award
* TXSG Organizational Excellence Award


* Virginia Army National Guard Emergency Service Ribbon
* Life Saving Medal
* Distinguished Service Ribbon
* Meritorious Service Medal
* Commendation Medal
* Military Commendation Certificate Ribbon
* Active Service Medal
* VADF Service Medal
* Community Service Ribbon
* Service Medal
* Response Management Staff College Completion Ribbon
* Basic Officer Qualification Course Completion Ribbon (Replaced by ALC Ribbon)
* Operational Staff-Command, Control & Communications Course Ribbon
* Advance Leaders Course Completion Ribbon
* Company Leaders Course Completion Ribbon
* Recruiting Ribbon
* State Guard Association of the United States Longevity Ribbon
* State Guard Association of the United States Membership Ribbon

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