List of alien races in DC Comics

List of alien races in DC Comics

=Primary list of alien races=


List of other races

Fictional races of the DC Universe are listed below, living on Earth and beyond.


*5th Dimensional Imps


*Alien Invaders
*Almeraci - Maxima's race.
*Anunnake- reptilian aliens, claim to have killed off the Dinosaurs (Aquaman, vol. 6) aka the Hunter/Gatherers
*Amazons - Wonder Woman's race
*Anndrann - Strange Adventures
*Ayries - peaceful cosmic beings who appeared in "Green Lantern" #43


*Bellatrix Bombers - alien warlords featured in "Green Lantern v.3 #20"
*Bloodlines Parasites
*Bloodworms of Mars
*Brylyx - White skinned aliens featured "Green Lantern: Mosiac."
*Bolovax Vikians
*Braalians- magnetic humanoids
*Brain-Parasites of Planet X - Strange Adventures


*Cairnians - members of L.E.G.I.O.N.
*Calatonians - Ancient monarchy on the planet Calaton ravaged by Doomsday
*The Cathexis
*Children of Tanjent - psionic race
*Citadelians- tyrant rulers of the Vegan star system; see Omega Men
*Coluans - Brainiac's home race
*Competalians (Home race of Haven aliens, aka the Alliance) (JLA/Haven #1)
*Czarnians - home race of Lobo


*Daxamites- home race of Lar Gand
*Dominators- highly advanced invaders
*Draal - alien invaders of Sector 3515
*Dryads- race of Strata and Blok
*Durlans- shapeshifters; Chameleon Boy's race


*Empire of Tears is on the Prison Planet
*En'taran Slavemasters - JLA / Adam Strange foes
*Exorians- the Wonder Twins' home race


*Femazons - race from Trigus VIII


*The Gods of the Jejune Realm
*Gordanians- reptilian alien slavers; enemy of Thanagarians; see Omega Men
*Graxions- an elf-like race from space sector 2815; see Green Lantern Arisia (comics)
*Green Martians - the race of Martian Manhunter


*H'od - 'would be' galactic conquerors
*the Headmen - alien leaders
*Hykraians - home water world to Tellus of Hykraius


*Imperiex Probes - colony of machines created by Imperiex
*Imps- Fourth dimensional beings
*Imskians- humanoids who can shrink



*The Khund
*Korugarians- Sinestro's race
*Krolotean Gremlins of Sector 312


*The Laroo - armada of aliens who appeared in "Green Lantern" #43
*Lizarkons- Isamot Kol's race


*Malthusians or Maltusians- another name for the Oans
*Millennium Guards and the Millennium Giants
*Monks - race of animals on an offworld.
*Muscarian - race of mushroom fungi midgets.


*New Gods


*Oans (also Guardians of the Universe and/or Oa)
*Old Gods
*Okaarans- aka Warlords of Okaara- warrior-trainers of the Vegan System; see Omega Men
*Olys - alien invaders of numerous star systems.
*Orandoans- Princess Projectra's race


*Poglachians - a race of clowns
*Promethean Giants- ancient alien race, trapped in The Source Wall
*Proteans- telepathic shapeshifting pets.
*Puffballs - intergalactic hive of Green Lanterns.


*Quantum Mechanics-superadvanced alien race. First App: JLA: Heaven's Ladder (Nov. 2000)


*the Ravagers of Olys
*The Reach - a militaristic race, linked to the Blue Beetle scarab.

*Sangtee (alien empire) []
*Saturnians (descended from clones of the Green Martians)
*Scissormen - metafictional characters who inhabit a world called Orqwith
*Space Dolphins - pets of Lobo
*Spider Guild - alien armadas from the Vegan Star System.
*Star Conquerors
*Statejians - war-like race of Qualar IV
*Sputans - sentient race made up of larva and bacteria.


*Talokians- Shadow Lass' people
*Tamaraneans- Starfire's race
*the Tchk-Tchkii race
*the Technis- a technologically savy race who created Cyberion.
*Teiresiae- a race of shapeshifters who inhabit a land called Mother-Time.
*Thronnians (planet Thronn) []
*Titanians- Saturn Girl's people


*Under-Men (or called Middle-Earthers)
*Underworlders (see Warworlders)


*Vegans - inhabitants of the Vegan star system
*Volcano Men
*Vulcans - Green Lantern Saarek's race
*Vuldarians- Guy Gardner's alien ancestors


*White Martians





*Zaons - Green Lantern G'paak's race
*Zilliphi - Taa's race


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