List of mayors of Anchorage, Alaska

List of mayors of Anchorage, Alaska

This is a list of mayors of Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

Anchorage was incorporated as a city on November 23, 1920. The Greater Anchorage Area Borough, which encompassed the city, was created in January 1964. The two were merged in a unified government called the Municipality of Anchorage on September 15, 1975.

Mayors of City of Anchorage (1920–1975)

Name Term
Leopold David 1920–1923
M. Joseph Conroy 1923–1924
Charles Bush 1924–1926
Chris M. Eckmann 1926–1927
William Clayson 1927–1928
Grant Reed 1928–1929
James Delaney 1929–1932
Oscar S. Gill 1932–1933
Thomas J. McCroskey 1933–1934
Oscar S. Gill 1934–1936
Herbert E. Brown 1936–1937
Joseph H. Romig 1937–1938
Herbert E. Brown 1938–1940
George Vaara 1940–1941
William Alex Stolt 1941–1944
Ray Wolfe 1944–1945
John E. Manders 1945–1946
Winfield Ervin, Jr. 1946–1946
Francis C. Bowden 1946–1948
Zachariah J. Loussac 1948–1951
Maynard L. Taylor, Jr. 1951–1955
Ken Hinchey 1955–1956
Anton Anderson 1956–1958
Hewitt Lounsbury 1958–1959
George Byer 1959–1961
George Sharrock 1961–1964
Elmer E. Rasmuson 1964–1967
George M. Sullivan 1967–1975

Mayors of Greater Anchorage Area Borough (1964–1975)

Name Term
John Asplund 1964–1972
John Roderick 1972–1975

Mayors of Municipality of Anchorage (1975–)

Name Term
George M. Sullivan 1975–1981
Tony Knowles 1981–1987
Tom Fink 1987–1994
Rick Mystrom 1994–2000
George Wuerch July 1, 2000–July 1, 2003
Mark Begich July 1, 2003–January 3, 2009
Matt Claman January 3, 2009–July 1, 2009
Dan Sullivan July 1, 2009–

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