Rough Trade (American Dad!)

Rough Trade (American Dad!)

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Airdate =January 8, 2006
Production =1AJN17
Writer =David Zuckerman
Director =Pam Cooke
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__NOTOC__"Rough Trade" is an episode of the animated series "American Dad!".


After Stan and Roger have a rough day, they get into a fight that leads to a "Freaky Friday" type switcheroo, (without the body switch) where they get a taste of life in each other's shoes. But after the excitement of a new life stales, they face each other's problems as Roger is under pressure at work and Stan yearns to be needed (and stay in the house, mainly because he's under house arrest because he threw up alcohol on the officer). The swap gets out of hand as the family starts to crumble. Soon, Roger doesn't get a trip to Hawaii because his assistant Phillip put his intentionally used forms with his own sales representative number. Linda, who believed that Stan is abusing Francine, calls the cops. They think Francine was given a black eye by Stan, though it was actually Roger by accident, animal torture (because Hayley's eco-activist friends freed test monkeys) and taking pornographic pictures of Steve (which Roger did so that Steve could impress a girl from school). When Stan learned about what Roger did, he went to kill Roger, but the ankle collar shocked him and he was sent to jail without bail. In a desperate plan to put their shoes back on the right feet, they blame Phillip for the charges. Though it is a non sequitur situation, the police lieutenant has Phillip (a neo-nazi) arrested because his grandfather wanted him to go to America to become a police officer to avenge him.

Cultural references

* Linda continues to show affection for Francine, and apparently she has a history of female attraction with her husband's knowledge. After Linda says she finds Francine attractive, he says, "Oh, I know where this is going. Can I at least watch this time?" to Linda. Also Linda has to prepare in front of the door to greet Francine, giving up and just pushing up her breasts instead.
* When Roger's TV breaks, he says "You've never given up on anything before! Fight, damn you, fight!", a possible reference to the movie, "The Abyss"
* The helmet in the box of Nazi antiques is incorrect, as it is in fact the helmet used in the beginning of World War I, until it was replaced with the well-known helmet which was used in the end of World War I and a modernized version used in World War II.
* When Stan and Roger trade places, they seem to take on each other's personality. Stan goes as far as to repeat lines Roger said on the pilot episode. The same scene with Roger wanting Pecan Sandies, but getting Chocodiles was repeated, with Stan telling Francine, "...Pretty sure I asked for Pecan Sandies." When Francine receives a black eye, and makes a loud noise, Stan runs in and yells, "OH MY GOD! ...These Chocodiles, These Chocodiles, Oh my God!" This same line was used by Roger in the pilot episode.
* The machine Stan operates is similar to the loader exo-skeleton from "Aliens".
* Stan has been dying to see the musical "Mamma Mia!".
* Roger wakes up to the sound of Sonny Bono singing "I've Got You Babe" at 7 am. This references the movie "Groundhog Day".

* Stan sees Justin get janet in trouble at the super bowl
* Maria, the character who Roger competes against in order to get the trip to Hawaii while working at the used-car dealership, bears a resemblance to CNBC business news anchor Maria Bartiromo.
* The bar's name is Cloak and Stagger (which was first seen in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man), wordplay on the phrase "cloak and dagger".
* When Roger sees the monkey on Hayley's head he makes a joke that is similar to Chandler Bing's joke when the monkey Marcel is on Ross' head from Friends.
* The scene where Stan and Roger touch the wish bowl, the lights dimming and the voice is a reference to the films Freaky Friday and Vice Versa
* The name of the girl Steve tries to impress, Carly Mills, is taken from the title of a 1986 movie starring Kate Mulgrew, best known for her portrayal of Captain Kathryn Janeway in "".
* When Roger dreams about going to Hawaii, he is hula dancing with "Hawaiian Celebrities" Magnum P.I. and Greg Brady (wearing the totem necklace from the Hawaii saga,) of The Brady Bunch.
* Along with the direct reference to Dianne Feinstein, several more of the senators who Bullock addresses about the ES strongly resemble real-life senators, including John Kerry, John McCain, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton


* The number on Stan's prison jumpsuit, "1AJN-17", is a reference to the episode's production number.
* Hayley's monkey has the same hairstyle as Guenter's from Futurama.
* Officer Bays is voiced by Jason Lee.

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