Seibel grapes

Seibel grapes

Seibel grapes are a group of wine grape varieties which originated with the work of Albert Seibel. They were planted widely in France during the 1950s but have seen decline in recent years due to the poor quality of the wines they produce. The grapes are still commonly used as blending grapes in table wine and mass commercial wines. New Zealand, England, and Canada also have plantings of Seibel grapes. J. Robinson "Vines, Grapes & Wines" pg 207 Mitchell Beazley 1986 ISBN 1-85732-999-6 ]

List of some Seibel grapes and their common names

*Seibel 29
*Seibel 788
*Seibel 793
*Seibel 867
*Seibel 880
*Seibel 1000 Rosette
*Seibel 1020 Flot Rouge
*Seibel 2007 Aramon du Gard
*Seibel 2510 Cinsaut Seibel
*Seibel 2524
*Seibel 2653 Flot d'Or
*Seibel 2859 Le Bienvenu
*Seibel 4461
*Seibel 4643 Roi des Noirs
*Seibel 4646 Le Pourpre
*Seibel 4986 Rayon d'Or
*Seibel 5163
*Seibel 5279 Aurore
*Seibel 5455 Plantet
*Seibel 5487 Le Redessan
*Seibel 5575 Le Rubis
*Seibel 5656
*Seibel 5898 Rougeon
*Seibel 6906 Les Subéreux
*Seibel 7053 Chancellor
*Seibel 8357 Colobel
*Seibel 8665
*Seibel 8745 Seinoir
*Seibel 9110 Verdelet
*Seibel 9549 De Chaunac
*Seibel 10173 Ambror
*Seibel 11803 Rubilande
*Seibel 10878 Chelois
*Seibel 13053 Cascade
*Seibel 14514 Dattier précoce de Seibel
*Seibel 14596 Bellandais


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