Wise After the Event

Wise After the Event

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Name = Wise After the Event
Type = Album
Artist = Anthony Phillips

Released = May, 1978
Recorded = October - December, 1977
Genre = Progressive rock
Length = 59:40
Label = Passport Records, Virgin Records
Producer = Rupert Hine
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Last album = "The Geese and the Ghost" (1977)
This album = "Wise After the Event" (1978)
Next album = "Sides" (1979)

"Wise After the Event" is the second solo album from former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips. It was released in 1978 by Passport Records.

As originally planned, "Wise After the Event" was to be an album and an accompanying EP. At some point subsequent to the commissioning of the artwork for the record jacket, the material was pared down to just enough for an album. Discrepancies between Peter Cross' original artwork and the actual running order of the album were corrected when it was re-released in 1990.

Two tracks cut from the album came out on a contemporaneous single. "Squirrel" and the brief "Sitars and Nebulous" were coupled on the B-side of the May, 1978, "We're All As We Lie" single. "Squirrel" was later reunited with the album as a bonus track on the 1990 CD reissue.

The rest of the missing music was released on Phillips' 1980 album, "". This included three songs (actually just short links) that were definitely planned and sequenced for the earlier album, "Chinaman" (based on the intro to "Paperchase"), "Romany's Aria" (part of "We're All As We Lie" played backwards), and "Von Runkel's Yorker Music" (previously called "Sitars and Nebulous"). "Private Parts and Pieces II: Back to the Pavilion" includes two additional songs, "Tremulous" and "Magic Garden", that date from the "Wise After the Event" sessions, but whose position on that album was less certain.

A remastered 2CD version of the album was released in Japan by Arcangelo Records in July 2007 as a limited edition mini-vinyl sleeve. A standard jewel case version was released in the UK by Voiceprint Records in May 2008.

Original track listing

All songs written by Anthony Phillips except where indicated
# "We're All As We Lie" – 4:37
# "Birdsong and Reprise" – 6:45
# "Moonshooter" – 5:58
# "Wise After the Event" – 10:28
# "Pulling Faces" – 4:37
# "Regrets" – 6:02
# "Greenhouse" (Anthony Phillips/Jeremy Gilbert) – 3:03
# "Paperchase" – 5:34
# "Now What (Are They Doing to my Little Friends?)" – 8:23
# "Squirrel" – 4:30 (CD bonus track)

Note: "Squirrel" was originally released as the B-side of the 7" single release of "We're All As We Lie"

2008 reissue bonus CD

# "We're All As We Lie" (link) - 1:23
# "Sleeping On An Interstellar Plane" ("Greenhouse" demo) (Anthony Phillips/Jeremy Gilbert) - 3:04)
# "Paperchase" (Instrumental demo) - 5:31
# "Birdsong" (Instrumental demo) - 5:33
# "Moonshooter" (Cottage Tapes demo) - 5:37
# "We're All As We Lie" (Cottage Tapes demo) - 3:53
# "Pulling Faces" (Cottage Tapes demo) - 4:29
# "Squirrel" (Instrumental mix) - 4:28
# "Wise After The Event" (Instrumental mix) - 8:54
# "Magic Garden" (Solo Piano Mix) - 1:55
# "We're All As We Lie" (7" single version) - 3:49
# "Regrets" (Piano mix) - 6:00
# "Chinaman" (Basic guitar mix) - 0:44
# "Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)?" (Instrumental mix) - 8:14

The Players

* Anthony Phillips: vocals and Harmonica
* Michael Giles: drums
* John G. Perry: Bass (Wal custom)
* The Vicar: guitars, keyboards and sundries
* Jeremy Gilbert: Keyboards on "Greenhouse", Harp on "Now What?"
* Mel Collins: Soprano Saxophone on "We’re All As We Lie", Flutes on "Birdsong"
* Robin Phillips: Oboe on "Sitars & Nebulous"
* Rupert Hine: percussion, backing vocals, Locks, Probs, Modes & Vibes
* Perkin Alanbeck: synthesiser on "Birdsong"
* Humbert Ruse & Vic Stench: Drums & Bass on "Greenhouse"
* Rodent Rabble (including "No Hours from Neasden"): Clicks, Claps and Crampons
* Orchestra on "Regrets" conducted by Gilbert Biberian. Assembled by David Katz, arranged by Anthony Phillips

External links

* [http://www.anthonyphillips.co.uk/ Anthony Phillips site]

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