Crazy 4 U

Crazy 4 U
"Crazy 4 U"
Single by Kumi Koda
from the album Feel My Mind
Released January 15, 2004 (JP)
Format CD
Recorded 2003
Genre J-Pop, dance-pop
Length 22:43
Label Rhythm Zone
RZCD-45113 (Japan, CD)
Kumi Koda singles chronology
"Gentle Words"
"Crazy 4 U"
"Love & Honey"

"Crazy 4 U" is Kumi Koda's 10th domestic solo single. The title song was the opening theme of the Japanese anime series Gilgamesh.



In the video, Koda is first seen holding a large briefcase, running into a parking lot, then, cutting to Koda and two other dancers and the same wet parking lot adorned with large circular lights in the background, with a belt, which she promptly tosses. Scenes later, Koda is in a limousine(which appears to be going around a large city), sporting different outfits and make up, maybe perhaps to represent different personalities, though many of them seem to have been at a party of some kind. In the latter part of the video, two Kumi(s) are seen in the car, besides just one. The Kumi in the pink dress seems to be one of every pair of Kumis whenever there are 2 Kumis present. There are 3 Kumis that appear only in the car. One Kumi is revealed to have been shuffling around the parking lot.

  • Kumi one is the Kumi that has been running throughout the parking lot, wearing the black jumpsuit with tall platform heels that she promptly zipps down a little to expose a small amount of cleavage, and long nails which are painted black. Her briefcase is behind her,though she takes it out and pulls out her small handgun. She also pulls out binoculars, and appears to be nervous, or perhaps anxious for what feels like a rendezvous that is going to happen.
  • Kumi two is wearing a beige suit(which she reveals to have suspenders on her pants) and glasses, with pink acrylic nails, and is continually fidgeting with electronic devices, of which are a large phone and a laptop computer.
  • Kumi three is wearing a red and black dress, with a large mesh-looking hat on her head that has white pearly adornments on the left side, and a large chain of what looks like pearls around her neck with matching earrings, strappy-but-simple white high heels, white nails with different amounts of red rhinestones near the bases, an assortment of rings on her fingers, and a metal tongue ring. She eventually pulls out a fan with fluffy black adornments at the tips, a cigarette using which she puffs at the camera, and a black and gold compact in her first appearance.
  • Kumi four is in a simple pink dress with white boots, dangly large pearl earrings, and brown hair styled and curled in an innocent way. This Kumi seems to be rather hyper, whether or not that is included with the fact that she continually holds a wine glass full of a gold beverage. She pulls out a cellphone and white clutch purse.

All the Kumis appear to be planning something, for they two of them anxiously talk on cellphones, and one bites her nails, but it is never revealed what they are doing or planning, just their mere appearance in the vehicle.

Track listing

  1. "Crazy 4 U"
  2. "Yume with You (夢 with You?)"
  3. "Crazy 4 U" (Akakage's crazy love remix)
  4. "Crazy 4 U" (instrumental)
  5. "Yume with You (instrumental) (夢 with You (instrumental)?)"

Chart history

Peak position: #12


Initial week estimate: 11,919
Total estimate: 28,272


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