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*Richard M. Stallman (often abbreviated "rms"), veteran software developer and founder of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation


*Railway Mail Service, US mail transportation service until the mid-20th century
*Royal Mail Ship or Steamer, ship prefix for vessels that carry mail under contract to the British Royal Mail
*Royal Melbourne Show
*Royal Meteorological Society
*Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Gravers, known as the Royal Miniatures Society
*Russ Martin Show
*Relocation management services (employee relocation firms)
*Royal Microscopical Society
*Santiago Metropolitan Region ("Región Metropolitana de Santiago") in Chile
*RMS (band), a jazz/rock fusion band which consisted of guitarist, Ray Russell, bass player, Mo Foster and drummer Simon Phillips
*Root Mean Square

cience and technology

* RMS granularity, a method of measuring photographic grain, developed by Kodak
* Rate-monotonic scheduling, a scheduling technique in operating systems
* Reconfigurable Manufacturing System, a system designed at the outset for rapid change to quickly adjust its production capacity and functionality in response to sudden market changes and customer demand
* Record Management Services, in OpenVMS
* Record Management System, a persistent storage mechanism available to some Java ME configurations
* A system that implements Records management
* Remote Manipulator System, a mechanical arm of the Space Shuttle that maneuvers payloads
* Root mean square, a concept frequently encountered in statistics and electronics
* Retail Management System, a software application written by Microsoft
* Rights Management Services, a component of MS Windows Server 2003
* A measurement system for Audio power
* Rostral migratory stream, leading new neurons to the olfactory bulb


*Raytheon Missile Systems
*Risk Management Solutions, a company which provides financial risk advisory services and catastrophe modeling software
*RMS Communications, a Broadband and Cable TV component supplier


* Readington Middle School, in Readington, New Jersey, U.S.
* Richland Middle School, in Richland Hills, Texas, USA
* Robert May's School, in Hampshire, England
* Royal Masonic School, Hertfordshire, England
* Romulus Middle School, in Romulus, Michigan
* Radnor Middle School, in Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA
* Roosevelt Middle School (Oakland, California)
* Reims Management School, in Rheims, France


*Republik Maluku Selatan, a separatist movement in Indonesia that first proclaimed an independent "Republic of South Maluku" in the 1950s

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