Ashot Kukhi, Eristavt Eristavi

Ashot Kukhi, Eristavt Eristavi

Ashot Kukhi, "Eristavt Eristavi" (896/908-918), Georgian prince, belonging to the Tao-Line of the Iberian Bagratids; the younger son of Gurgen I Mampali. Although Ashot was nicknamed "Kukhi" meaning "the immature", he seems to have been a significant ruler. After the death of his brother Adarnase in 896, he probably stepped in and co-reigned for his nephew David who still was under age at that time. When David died in 908, Ashot became sole ruler which he remained until his own death in 918. From Kartlis Tskhovreba and the Vita of Grigol Khandzteli we know that Ashot was a keen supporter of monasticism in Tao-Klarjeti. He also built the cathedral at Tbeti and installed Stepane Mtbevari as its first bishop. A statue allegedly showing Ashot Kukhi which was removed from Tbeti towards the end of World War I is now on display in the Art Museum of Georgia in Tbilisi.

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