Adarnase, Eristavt Eristavi

Adarnase, Eristavt Eristavi

Adarnase, "Eristavt Eristavi" (891-896) was the oldest son of Gurgen I (a ruler of Georgia).cite book
last = Stephen H. Rapp | title = Studies In Medieval Georgian Histography: Early Texts and Eurasian Contexts | publisher = Peeters Publishers | date = 2003 | location = | pages = Page 408 | url = | doi = | id = ISBN 9042913185
] His reign lasted only shortly, and he left three children behind: David, Gurgen, and a daughter, Dinar, who later got married to the ruler of Hereti. She was the mother of Ishkhanik who converted the Heretians to the Orthodox faith.

David, the oldest son of Adarnase, also had the title of a "eristavt eristavi". However, David must have been very young when his father died, and it is doubtful, if he ever ruled himself. He died in 908 and did not leave any son behind.


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