Lacrimal fossa

Lacrimal fossa

Infobox Bone
Name = Lacrimal fossa
Latin = fossa glandulae lacrimalis
GraySubject = 33
GrayPage = 137

Caption = Frontal bone. Inner surface.

Caption2 = Medial wall of left orbit. ("Fossa for lacrimal sac" labeled at center left.)
System =
Precursor =
MeshName =
MeshNumber =
DorlandsPre = f_14
DorlandsSuf = 12375953
The inferior surface of each orbital plate of the frontal bone is smooth and concave, and presents, laterally, under cover of the zygomatic process, a shallow depression, the lacrimal fossa (or fossa for lacrimal gland), for the lacrimal gland.

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