Infobox Album | Name = Smeared
Type = Album
Artist = Sloan

Released = October, 1992 (Canada)
January 13 1993 (US)
Recorded = 1992
Genre = Indie rock
Length = 46:19
Label = murderecords (Canada)
Geffen (United States)
Producer = Terry Pulliam, Sloan
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
Last album = "Peppermint EP"
This album = "Smeared"
Next album = "Twice Removed"

"Smeared" was the first full-length album released by the Canadian rock band Sloan. It was released in Canada in October, 1992, and in the United States in January, 1993, on Geffen Records. Like their first release, the "Peppermint EP", it was seen as a noisy pop record reminiscent of Sonic Youth with Beatles-style harmonies.

Jennifer Pierce of fellow Halifax, Nova Scotia band Jale sang backup vocals on "What's There To Decide".

Track listing

All songs were written and performed by Sloan.

# "Underwhelmed" – 4:41
# "Raspberry" – 4:02
# "I Am the Cancer" – 3:39
# "Median Strip" – 3:34
# "Take It In" – 3:56
# "500 Up" – 4:21
# "Marcus Said" – 4:32
# "Sugartune" – 3:27
# "Left of Centre" – 2:34
# "Lemonzinger" – 4:10
# "Two Seater" – 3:04
# "What's There to Decide?" – 4:19

* "Rag Doll" - 3:11 (JPN import, "I Am The Cancer" single)
* "Laying Blame" - 3:43 (JPN import, "I Am The Cancer" single)
* "Amped" - 3:03 ("Underwhelmed" single)
* "Sleepover" - 8:06 ("Underwhelmed" single)
* "Pillowfight" - 3:49 ("Never Mind The Molluscs" compilation)

"Singles taken from "Smeared":"
Underwhelmed (1992)
Sugartune (1992)
Take It In (1993)
I Am The Cancer (1993)
500 Up (1993)


*Jay Ferguson - Guitar, Vocals
*Chris Murphy - Bass, Vocals, Erased Guitar
*Patrick Pentland - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
*Andrew Scott - Drums, Vocals, guitar
*Additional Vocals by Jennifer Pierce.

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