Fusion (Enterprise)

Fusion (Enterprise)

ST episode
name =Fusion

series =Enterprise
ep_num =16
prod_num =117
date =February 27, 2002
writer =Rick Berman
Brannon Braga
Teleplay by:
Phyllis Strong
Mike Sussman
director =Rob Hedden
producer =Dawn Valazquez
guest =Enrique Murciano
Robert Pine
Vaughn Armstrong
John Harrington Bland
stardate =unknown
year =2151
prev =Shuttlepod One
next =Rogue Planet

"Fusion" is the sixteenth episode (production #117) of the television series "". It was rated 3.1 out of 5 on the official website StarTrek.com. [ [http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/series/ENT/episode/122914.html Fusion] at official StarTrek.com episode guide]


A group of atypical Vulcans visiting "Enterprise" subject T'Pol to uncomfortable new ideas.


;TeaserThe "Enterprise" is less than a light year away from the Arachnid Nebula when it is hailed by Tavin, the Captain of the Vulcan vessel "Vahklas". T'Pol reports that this class of Vulcan ship hasn't been used in a long time. Tavin tells Archer that it is good to meet the "Enterprise", a surprising comment from a Vulcan.

;Act OneTavin says that he and his crew are civilians on a mission of exploration. He continues, saying that they are not typical Vulcans and that the "Vahklas"'s life support and propulsion are in need of repair. Tarvin docks his ship with the "Enterprise". In the Captain's Mess, Tarvin requests to sample Archer's chicken dinner, surprising T'Pol as Vulcans don't normally eat meat. Tarvin says that they left Vulcan eight years previously. Tolaris (Enrique Murciano) continues by saying that their mission is to explore themselves rather than the galaxy and that in that time, they have experienced more than most Vulcans will in a lifetime. T'Pol identifies them as "V'tosh ka'tur", Vulcans without logic. Tarvin corrects her by saying that they have learned to exist without continually repressing their emotions. Archer reports that the repairs will take up to four days and that they were going to use that time to explore the nebula.

In Engineering, Kov (a Vulcan) observes that nearly a third of the "Enterprise"'s crew are women. He then asks Trip if it is true that human males mate year-round with any female that they choose; if humans eat six meals a day and that they spend more than half the day in bed. Trip corrects him, amused.

In the Ready Room, Archer observes that T'Pol has been avoiding the Vulcans. T'Pol says that Tarvin and his crew are mistaken - all previous attempts to reintergrate emotions with logic have failed. Archer encourages T'Pol to keep an open mind with the Vulcans.

In the Mess Hall, T'Pol is joined by Tolaris. She orders mint tea for him from the Replicator. Tolaris asks how long T'Pol has lived among humans. She spent two years at the Vulcan Consulate on Earth and has spent seven months on the "Enterprise". He comments that she has been affected by human society in more ways than she realises. Tolaris tells T'Pol that stories of Vulcans who fail to reintergrate their emotions reverting to their primal nature are a myth.

;Act TwoThe two ships approach the Arachnid Nebula. T'Pol reports that a full charting mission would take several weeks. Tarvin says that the "Vahklas" has translinear sensors that would cut the time down significantly. Archer requests that T'Pol work from the "Vahklas" to monitor the data and she doesn't object.

Onboard the "Vahklas", T'Pol expresses curiosity that the Vulcans display the likeness of Surak, the Father of Vulcan society, but reject his teachings. Tolaris says that they merely disagree with the way his writings are taught on Vulcan. Before he began exploring, Tolaris taught literature at the Shirkar Academy but has no regrets in giving up a life of logic and reason. As she leaves for the "Enterprise", Tolaris asks T'Pol not to meditate that night and to experience her dreams - "consider it an experiment".

In the Mess Hall, Trip continues demistifying humanity with Kov. Reed joins the table as the conversation moves on to Vulcan mating rituals. Trip and Reed are astonished at the Pon Farr occurring every seven years.

On the Bridge, Hoshi receives a hail from Admiral Forrest and transfers it through to the Ready Room. Forrest has been informed of the "Vahklas" by Soval and passes on a request that Kov's father is a member of the High Council and Kov has refused to speak with him for ten years. His father is now dying, so Archer is requested to ask Kov to contact his father while there is time.

Later, T'Pol dreams. She recalls leaving the Vulcan compound and venturing in to San Francisco for an evening, her Vulcan nature disguised. The memories blur with thoughts of Tolaris acting provocatively towards her. T'Pol remembers entering a bar, blurring with thoughts of sleeping with Tolaris. The last image is that of the figurine of Surak falling and breaking before T'Pol wakes up, alone and troubled. She visits Phlox and tells him that it would be unwise of her to continue exploring her emotions. Phlox says that the Vulcans have been experimenting for several years, so they shouldn't be dismissed immediately.

Archer meets Kov in his Ready Room and passes on the message from Soval. Kov says that the last time they spoke, his father told him that Kov had brought shame to fifteen generations of his family. Kov asks that a message be sent back through the "Enterprise", "Tell him that we said goodbye a long time ago.".

Onboard the "Vahklas", Tolaris asks T'Pol what her dream were like. T'Pol relates her visit to the bar in San Francisco but leaves out her visions of Tolaris.

In Engineering, Archer asks Trip to talk to Kov to persuade him to talk with his father. Archer expresses unease about T'Pol's relationship with Kov but Trip says that she likes being around her own kind, so there's nothing to worry about.

;Act ThreeLater, in T'Pol's quarters, Tolaris tells her about the Mind Meld, a technique abandoned by Vulcans centuries ago. They attempt the meld and T'Pol struggles with expressing her emotions. She tries to end the meld and Tolaris forces her to continue. T'Pol forces him away, breaking the meld and orders Tolaris to leave. T'Pol hails Sickbay after Tolaris leaves her cabin.

;Act FourIn Engineering, Kov refuses to contact his father, despite Trip's telling him that there isn't much time left. Trip relates how he once had the opportunity to ask Melissa Lyles, a girl at his Elementary School in Panama City, Florida, to dance but couldn't pluck up the courage to walk over to her. He regrets it to this day and tells Kov that regret is one of the strongest and saddest of the emotions and that it should be avoided where possible.

Archer summons Tolaris to his Ready Room. He tells Tolaris that T'Pol is in Sickbay. Tolaris moves to the door to see T'Pol but Archer refuses. Tolaris picks Archer up and tosses him across the room in a fit of rage. Archer grabs a phase pistol and tells Tolaris that it is best that the Vulcans leave the "Enterprise".

;Act FiveTrip sees Kov back to the airlock. Kov says that he called his father, who told him that Vulcan surgeons have given him an extension of a few years with a vaso-stimulator. Kov thanks Trip for his help before departing.

T'Pol is meditating in her quarters when Archer rings the doorbell. Archer tells her that the Vulcan ship has departed and that he finally understands why she meditates every night. As he turns to leave, T'Pol asks Archer if he enjoys dreaming. He replies that he does, most nights. T'Pol replies that she envies him before wishing him goodnight.


It later emerged that T'Pol was harmed more than she realised by the mind-meld with Tolaris in this episode. In the later episode "Stigma", which had an AIDS-related plot, she was diagnosed with the fatal Pa'nar Syndrome as a result of it.

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