A sorcerer is a powerful magician. Sorcerer may also refer to:

Film and theatre

* "Sorcerer" (film)
* "The Sorcerer", a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan
* "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", a ballad by Goethe and symphonic poem by Dukas
** "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", an animated cartoon starring Mickey Mouse and released as part of the Disney film "Fantasia"
* "Charodey", a 1982 Soviet comedy film


* "Sorcerer (Miles Davis album)"
* Sorcerer, a song from the 2001 Stevie Nicks album "Trouble in Shangri-La"
* "Sorcerer (soundtrack)", the soundtrack to the film of the same name

Roleplaying games

* "Sorcerer" (role-playing game)
* Sorcerer (Dungeons & Dragons), a character class in the 3rd Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game

Computing and software

* "Sorcerer" (video game), a 1984 interactive fiction game which is part of the "Enchanter" trilogy
* Sorcerer (Linux distribution)
* Exidy Sorcerer, a home computer system released in 1978

Other uses

* The Sorcerer (cave art), a cavern at Trois-Frères, France
* The Sourcerer, a character in the "Discworld" series by Terry Pratchett, introduced in the novel "Sourcery"

ee also

* Wizard (character class), a magic-using character class in many roleplaying game
* Magician (fantasy)

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