BET (disambiguation)

BET (disambiguation)

BET can refer to:

*Black Entertainment Television, a U.S. cable television station targeted to an African-American demographic
*Black Home, a UK website station targeted to a black British demographic
*BET theory, an adsorption model for gases named after physicists Brunauer, Emmett and Teller used to calculate the surface area of a particle as an improvement over the Langmuir isotherm
* Blade element theory to determine the behaviour of propellers
*Big Every Time, a Hawaii based music group
* BET plc, formerly British Electric Traction, a British industrial conglomerate until 1996
* Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti, an administrative subdivision of Chad
* Bucharest Exchange Trading index
* Biotechnia Ellinikon Trikyklon, a Greek vehicle manufacturer that ceased production in 1975
* Basic Economics Test (BET), a standardized test of economics
* Bethel Airport in Bethel, Alaska (IATA Code: BET)

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