Galician literature

Galician literature

Galician literature is the literature written by Galician authors. It has been developed in both Galician and Spanish, although it is a moot point to call Galician literature to literature written in Spanish. The earliest works in Galician language are from the early 13th-century "trovadorismo" tradition. In the Middle Ages, "Galego-português" (Galician-Portuguese) was a language of culture, poetry (troubadours) and religion throughout not only Galicia and Portugal but also Castile.

After the separation of Portuguese and Galician, Galician was considered provincial and was not widely used for literary or academic purposes. It was with the "Rexurdimento" ("Rebirth"), in the mid 1800s that Galician was used again in literature, and then in politics.


Main authors in both Galician and Spanish

*Alfonso X of Castile
*Rosalía de Castro
*Padre Feijoo
*Manuel Murguía
*Manuel Rivas
*Álvaro Cunqueiro
*Manuel Curros Enríquez
*Eduardo Pondal
*Vicente Risco
*Xohán Vicente Viqueira
*Xesús Ferro Couselo
*Aurelio Aguirre Galarraga
*Celso Emilio Ferreiro
*Rafael Dieste
*Francisco Añón
*Eduardo Blanco Amor

Main Authors in Galician

*Xurxo Borrazás
*Martín Codax
*Alfonso Daniel Rodríguez Castelao
*Fermín Bouza Brei
*Carlos Casares Mouriño
*Suso de Toro
*Xosé Neira Vilas
*Padre Sarmiento
*Antón Vilar Ponte
*Luís Seoane
*Dario Xoan Cabana
*Xohán de Cangas
*Ánxel Fole

"For a more extensive list of Galician language writers, see Día das Letras Galegas"

Main Authors in Spanish

*Ramón del Valle-Inclán
*Camilo José Cela (Nobel Prize for Literature, 1989)
*Emilia Pardo Bazán
*Concepción Arenal
*Gonzalo Torrente Ballester
*Wenceslao Fernández Flórez
*Benito Vicetto Pérez
*Nicomedes Pastor Díaz
*Jacinto Salas y Quiroga
*Juan Bautista Alonso
*Blanca Andreu
*Antonio Francisco de Castro e Iglesias

Other Authors

*Ignacio Ramonet. Works in Spanish and French.
*Federico García Lorca. The poet from Granada wrote "Six Galician Poems" in Galician language.

See also

* "Día das Letras Galegas" ("Galician Literature Day") on May 17

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