Lip (disambiguation)

Lip (disambiguation)

Lip, or Lips, may refer to

* Lip, a soft, protruding organ at the mouth of many animals, including humans
* Lip factory, a French factory which was self-managed in the 1970s
* Lip, the main character of the Super Famicom video game "Panel de Pon"
* Lips Manlis, a criminal in Dick Tracy, portrayed in the film as Paul Sorvino
* Lip Gallagher, one of the main characters in the television drama, "Shameless".
* Lip, a former brand of watches based in the French city of Besançon
* Lips, a minor Greek god and one of the Anemoi, representing the southwest wind
* Lips, an obscure hippie muppet character from "The Muppet Show" who was the trumpet player for Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem
* "Labia" (Latin for "lip"), refers to any lip-like structure, especially::* labium (genitalia), the external female genitalia, consisting of the "labia minora" and "labia majora".
* Labial scales are those scales that form the lips of a scaled reptile's mouth.
* The Flaming Lips, a rock band commonly referred to as "The Lips".
* Lips (video game), a forthcoming karaoke game for the Xbox 360
* "LIPS", a number-one single from Japanese boy band, KAT-TUN.

Additionally, LIP or LIPS may be an abbreviation of:

* Language Interface Pack, a translated interface for Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office products
* Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy, an alternative name for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
* Laser-Induced Phosphorescence, a spectroscopic technique similar to Laser-Induced Fluorescence
* Large igneous province, a massive volcanic formation resulting from flood basalt eruptions
* LIP or LiP, Lithium-polymer, a rechargeable battery technology
* Linux Phone Standards Forum (LiPS Forum), a consortium dedicated to the creation of standards aimed at fostering the use of Linux on mobile devices
*Life In Pictures, a defunct band from Arizona
* Lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia, a Clinical Stage 3 HIV infection.
*Lateral Intraparietal cortex, a region in the parietal lobe of the brain of primates
*The Laboratory of Integrated Physiology at the University of Houston
* Loop Initialization Primitive, a Fibre Channel protocol element
* LIP, a French clockwork factory taken over by the workers in the 1970s
* Lings Internet Parts System [LIPS] Is the largest Honda Parts System Online Globally with 1 Million+ listings. Driven by Lings Honda and Developed by Author Duncan Cameron of dCore
* Late-inning pressure situations (LIPS), a sabermetric baseball statistic
* Linguistic and Intercultural Preparation of Students for the workplace, a European Union education project
* CaPSL, a printer command language/page description language, also called LIPS or LIPS4

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