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title = Ugh!

developer = Bones Park Software Artistic
publisher = PlayByte
designer =
engine =
released = 1992
genre = Arcade
modes =
ratings =
platforms = DOS, Amiga, Commodore 64
media = Floppy disk
requirements =
input = Computer keyboard and/or joystick

"Ugh!" is an arcade/flight game developed by Bones Park Software Artistic and published in 1992 by PlayByte for the Amiga, Commodore 64 and DOS.

The game is a clone of "Space Taxi". It features a caveman who, in order to appeal to his beloved future mate, controls a stone-age helicopter, picking up passengers and flying them to the desired location for money. The player must venture through 69 levels, and must evade natural obstacles as well as fight hostile dinosaurs and birds. Features found on every level were an animated rock and tree, which allowed a player to recover from damage to the helicopter.

Ugh! was later distributed as a shareware mainly from BBSs and magazine cover disks.

The game also featured a two player hotseat mode, in which two players competed to finish the level.

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