Tartar Guided Missile Fire Control System

Tartar Guided Missile Fire Control System


The Tartar Guided Missile Fire Control System, or Mk 74 Guided Missile Fire Control System, or just "Tartar", is a US-built medium-range anti-aircraft missile system. The French version used on Cassard class frigates is composed by a vertical rotating magazine holding 40 missiles, a Mk 13 launcher, two AN/SPG-51C fire-control radars and one DRBJ11 three-dimensional air search radar. Though the entire weapon system is commonly called Tartar, tracing back to its original linkage to the RIM-24 Tartar missile, it utilizes medium-ranged RIM-66 Standard missiles.


It was installed on numerous US Cruiser and destroyers in the 1960s through early 1990s such as the California class cruisers, Virginia class cruisers and Kidd class destroyers. It is also in use in other countries such as the Fleet escorters of the French Navy "Kersaint", "Bouvet", "Du Chayla" and "Dupetit-Thouars", and is now in use on the "Cassard" and "Jean Bart".

New Threat Upgrade

Vessels of the California class cruisers, Virginia class cruisers and Kidd class destroyers had their Tartar systems upgraded to modification 14 or 15 standard which enabled them to employe the Standard missile 2 as part of the New Threat Upgrade(NTU) program. The New Threat Upgrade equiped vessels could utilize the inertial guidance systems on the SM-2 and time share illumination radars for semi-active homing in the terminal phase of the intercept, increasing the number of targets the Tartar system could attack at the same time.

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*RIM-66 Standard
*New Threat Upgrade

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* [http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ship/systems/mk-74.htm Global security - MK-74 Guided Missile Fire Control System]
* [http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/sm-1.htm Global security - SM-1] - The SM-1 MR is installed on FFG-, DDG-, CG-, and CGN-class ships equipped with a Tartar combat system.

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