Electric Avenue (disambiguation)

Electric Avenue (disambiguation)

The name Electric Avenue may refer to the following streets:
*Electric Avenue, a market street in Brixton, London
*Electric Avenue, a street in Venice, California
*Electric Avenue, a street in Seal Beach, California where Pacific Electric Railway Red Car streetcar tracks used to run (from Long Beach to Newport Beach).
*Electric Avenue, the nickname for a street in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
*Electric Avenue, a street in Vienna, Virginia
*Electric Avenue, an access road in Cambridge, Massachusetts near a power station
*Electric Avenue, a street in Aston, Birmingham that runs very near to Villa Park.
*Electric Avenue, a street in Nottingham, England.
*Electric Avenue, a street in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.
*Electric Avenue, a street in Enfield, London.
*Electric Avenue, a street in Westcliff-on-sea, Southend-on-sea.
*Electric Avenue, a street in Isle of Whithorn, Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.
*Electric Avenue, a street in Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England.
*Electric Avenue, a street in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England.

It may also refer to any of the following:
*"Electric Avenue" (song), a song written and performed by Eddy Grant in 1983
*Electric Avenue, the household appliance department that was at the Montgomery Ward chain of U.S. department stores
*Electric Avenue, a dance club in Montreal
*Electric Avenue, the name of a program for use on websites to create weblogs
*Electric Avenue, the name of a 3rd party attachment to the Prius hybrid gasoline/electric automobile to increase its potential distance between electric charges

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