Lathe (disambiguation)

Lathe (disambiguation)

Lathe may refer to:

In woodworking and metalworking:
*Lathe, used in turning wood, metals and other materials.
*Lathe (metal), a lathe used specifically for metals.
*Geometric lathe, used for making ornamental patterns on the plates used in printing bank notes and postage stamps.
*Rose engine lathe, a specialized kind of ornamental lathe.

Other uses:
*Lathe (county subdivision), formerly an administrative division of the county of Kent, England
*Lathe (graphics), a method of forming 3D computer graphics
*"L"earning "a"nd "t"eaching in "h"igher "e"ducation, and hence the diploma awarded by the University of Oxford, "PGDipLATHE"
*"The Lathe of Heaven", a 1971 science fiction novel by Ursula K. Le Guin

ee also

*Lath, material used to span gaps in structural framing and form a base on which to apply plaster.
*Lathe carrier, a clamp used to hold down a workpiece on a lathe.
*Lathe center, a tool that used to accurately position a workpiece about its axis.
*Lathe faceplate, a workholding accessory for lathes.

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