Köln class frigate

Köln class frigate

The ships of the F120 Köln class of frigates were the first major warships built in Germany after World War II.

They were the world's first ships to feature a combined diesel and gas propulsion system.


*Length: 109.83 metres
*Beam: 11.02 metres
*Draft: 3.54 metres
*Displacement: 2969 metric tonnes
*Propulsion: combined diesel and gas:
**2 Brown Boveri & Cie gas turbines, 8832 kilowatts each
**4 MAN four-stroke diesel engines, 2208 kilowatts each
**2 propeller shafts driving three-bladed variable pitch propellers of 2.95 metres diameter
**For emergency power, the machinery could be overpowered to 120% for a limited time
*Maximum speed: 24 knots on diesel, convert|30|kn|km/h|0 on gas, convert|34|kn|km/h|0 with all engines
*Bunker: 361 cubic meters diesel fuel
*Range: convert|2700|nmi|km|-1 at convert|22|kn|km/h|0, convert|890|nmi|km|-1 at convert|29|kn|km/h|0
**Navigation radar KH14/9
**Surveillance radar SGR105/04, SGR103/02
**Fire control radar MV2/3Du, M4/1Du, M5/1Du, M9/3Du
**Sonar CWE10 for guiding torpedoes
**Sonar PAE1A for guiding rocket thrower
**2×100 mm/L55 METL 53 guns
**2 twin barreled 40 mm/L70 Breda Mod 58 II MDL anti-aircraft guns
**2 single barreled 40 mm/L70 Bofors Mod 58 anti-aircraft guns
**4×533 mm torpedo tubes, Mark 44 torpedoes
**2 quadruple 375 mm anti-submarine rocket thrower
**depth charges, mine-laying capacity
*Complement: 210–238

List of ships

All ships were stationed as second frigate squadron in Wilhelmshaven.

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